christmas tree or fire hazard???

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    as christmas approaches many of you will be buying a christmas tree.
    i live in the "christmas tree capitol of the world" or so they claim.

    lets review facts about christmas trees:

    1. live ones have been in drought in nc for at least 2 years.

    2. you place that tree in your house right after you know to recut the trunk to allow more water to come in.

    3. how long has that tree been cut? if you buy from a corner lot..chances are that tree has been cut for at least 2 weeks prior to your buying it. if not longer..if you shake the tree and the needles are falling off...pass on that tree.

    4. dont put real candles on a tree and light them. do not leave the lights on day and night. check your lights and discard any lights with problems.

    5. no such thing as too many fire extinguishers when the tree is on fire in your living room. when placing the tree consider your heat source.

    trees are gonna be expensive this year. think about passing on that live tree or dying tree and give the money to charity or food banks that you would waste on that dying tree. decorate a tree in the yard for the birds or something...get the kids involved in popcorn strings etc.

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