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    At the insistence of big fitz, i am starting a thread on chemtrails. While some people may object to chemtrails, I am here today to tell you about the much-overlooked BENEFITS of chemtrails.
    1)they protect us from the suns radiation, as well as the dreaded radio waves from NWO HQ in Zurich.
    2)They are cute, on a cloudless day they break up the monotony of a clear blue sky.
    3)They actually contain beneficial plant nutrients, that are distributed on the ground by a natural (green) process.
    4)They can be a benefit to those that become lost in the wilderness, just follow one and you will eventually find an airport.

    Now there has been talk by those on the extreme fringe in the past about how chemtrails are bad for you, that is just bunk. The benefits simply are too great to stop creating those quaint lines across the sky for unsubstantiated rumors.

    Did you know that there has not been one study, not one, to see if some of that damage the chemtrail fanatics claim has not been caused by aluminum poisoning. (You know, fromt he little tin foil hats)
    In fact, there is actually some who believe the tin foil hats amplify the normally benificial effects of the chemtrails into something harmful, like taking too many hits at a concert. One or two is great, but the effects of more can be a little ugly.

    That however, is not the fault of the chemtrails. Much work has been done in monitoring the atmosphere and adjusting the dosages of vital nutrients in the chemtrails. This work is only perverted by those, who by no other reason than greed, wear a tin foil hat and hog up all the chemtrail particle for themselves.

    I say, keep the chemtrails, execute those that insist on the tin foil hats

    Thank you for your support.

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