Can Recovery In A Majority Of States Be Good News For Democrats?

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    Recovery Indian Summer seems to have stalled during the week before Labor Day. Less than $10.0 bil of the stimulus money was awarded that week, or ten days, at the federal level. That still makes half of the amount already awarded: To have happened in just the most recent August anyone has in memory.

    Out of 50 states, 28 have in fact improved their jobs picture, even at the start of summer!

    MSN Careers - 28 States with Improving Unemployment Rates - Career Advice Article

    Neither the economy, nor the Democrats re-election prospects, would be said to have basis to be called in free-fall.

    One poll out even has the Delaware Senate seat, back safely in the Democratic column.

    And technically, it's only September: With even Alan Greenspan, now calling for a tax increase. Apparently the GOP prospects have peaked, a bit too soon!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (If the elections were held in November, what would that say about today(?)! Pollsters never ask. . . questions that everyone understands!)

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