Bogus Times 'Scoops' On Trump, Russia Are Recycled Propaganda...

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    When and why did the NY Times go so extreme Left/Democrat?

    Take a deep breath and realize how precious little substance there is in all the breathless reporting about supposed skulduggery by President Trump, his team and the Russian government. If the nation’s lucky, the coming congressional probes — and whatever surfaces from the apparent ongoing FBI investigation — may one day provide some clarity.

    Hostile, hysterical reporting based on anonymous leaks provides no hard facts — just “narratives” that could come out of a creative writing class.

    Take Wednesday’s breathless New York Times story, “Trump Aides Had Contact With Russian Intelligence” — which was remarkable for containing the same facts the Times reported back in October as “Investigating Donald Trump, FBI Sees No Clear Link to Russia.”

    Both reports say various Trumpites talked to figures in Russia’s government — but that US investigators found nothing to show they’d discussed the US election, or that anyone on Team Trump was even aware of any effort by Moscow to influence it.

    Oh, and the Times also reported Jan. 19, “Intercepted Russian Communiques Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates.”

    How many times can the Times recycle the same stuff and still call it news?...



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    Kievan Rus'
    Russian top officials are sure the real target in this scheme is Russian-American relations .

    Under these circumstances, my conclusion is that the real target in this scheme is Russian-American relations and the general trust in the new administration,” Slutskiy said.

    This situation is a negative signal for arranging Russian-American dialogue. It is obvious that Flynn had to submit his resignation under certain pressure. But President Trump accepted it. The chosen pretext was Flynn’s contact with the Russian ambassador, even though this is normal diplomatic practice,” he noted.

    Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Upper House Committee for International Relations, noted that Flynn’s resignation testifies to the fact that certain US politicians are prone to anti-Russia paranoia and, at the same time, are trying to make life difficult for Donald Trump.

    Hawks in Washington see even simple willingness for dialogue with the Russians as a thought crime (in the words of the immortal G. Orwell). To drive a national security adviser into resignation for his contacts with the Russian ambassador (a common diplomatic practice) is more than paranoia, it is something immeasurably worse,” Kosachev wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

    It is either Trump has not achieved the sought-after independence and he is being persistently and successfully driven into a corner, or the new administration has been hit by Russophobia, from top to bottom.“

    Senator Aleksei Pushkov expressed a similar opinion. “Flynn is leaving but Russian problem stays in Trump’s White House. The purging of Flynn was just the first act, now Trump himself becomes the target,” Pushkov wrote on Twitter.

    Russian lawmakers blame US ‘paranoia’ for Michael Flynn’s resignation
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    NYT has always been DEMOCRAT------and still is-----but the party has become
    PIXILATED and the NYT has followed suit

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