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    Upon observing the bleating by the Left that starting after the Enron collapse and continuing with rants against President Bush and any other Republican target, I find it appalling that the Democrats can ever think to take the moral high ground. The DNC would have me believe that the Bush administration is responsible for global warming; Karl Rove managed to hijack the electoral process in Ohio to engineer a second term for President Bush; the war in Iraq is all about the oil; or that AG John Ashcroft wanted to take away all of my civil right. So my conclusion should be that the Champions of the People Democrats are going to protect me from the Evil Empire Republicans. As Colonel Potter often said: Horse-hockey!
    The Democratic politicians try so hard to convince us that they are just like us, looking out for the common guy. Yeah, right, Edward Kennedy has so much in common with me. I’ll be sure to look out for Hillary and Tipper the next time I go to the supermarket. I can imagine that Tom Daschle washes the dishes and takes out his own trash. My wife can look forward to seeing Mrs. Lieberman at the next PTA meeting.
    The truth is that most politicians, Democrat or Republican, have very little in common with me or my neighbors. They live in a world that is so far removed from the reality of the typical American. The DNC has been demonizing the Republicans for so long that we are all very aware of the foibles, real and mythical, of the Republican Party. However, the Democrats don’t want us to know that they are guilty of the same exact sins and unfortunately the typical American has been blinded by all of their rhetoric.
    The Democrats are great champions of education. Then why do so many of them send their children to private schools? Don’t they believe in the public school system? Yet despite the lack of first hand involvement, Democratic politicians feel competent enough to make laws defining that system. They rely on the knowledge gained while attending the same Ivy League schools as their Republican counterparts.
    The environment is another great cause of Democrats. We should expect then that every single one of them drives an electric or compact car. Use of that personal vehicle would be reserved only for going to places unreachable by mass transit. Their modest homes would be paragons of energy efficiency. The fact is that if they do drive themselves, it’s in an SUV or luxury car. Very few Congressmen, if any, ride on public buses on a regular basis. And most have homes that would cost more than my monthly mortgage payment to power.
    Homelessness and hunger are two more issues allegedly near and dear to the hearts of every good Democrat. So how do those $1000 a plate dinners help feed the hungry? Maybe it’s to feed the hungry coffers of the Democratic Party. At a typical political function of any party there is usually enough food thrown away to feed the average family for a month. You would think that if the Democrats were so concerned, they round up all of the homeless they could find and put them in the buffet line behind Barbara Boxer. Afterwards, everyone would be invited for a sleepover at the White House. I know that Mr. Clinton did invite people to stay over at the White House but I don’t think they were homeless.
    Mr. Clinton brings another important concern to mind, comments of quid pro quo. The Democratic Party line seems to be that only Republicans can be guilty of this offense with the faintest of allegations being the reality. Then what other than political contributions made by Denise Rich motivated Mr. Clinton to pardon Marc Rich? Was there some humanitarian reason I am unaware of? The Democrats are as unwilling to talk about this, as they would be any other contributions made to their party. Do they expect me to believe they pass legislation favoring labor out of the goodness of their hearts? Look where Microsoft’s policy of not contributing to political parties got Bill Gates, friendless and alone before Congress.
    Capital Hill is full of stories and allegations of favors granted in return for political contributions. Even those individual politicians who don’t directly take these bribes are still affected. The good ole party line vote brings them into thinking the right way on those issues so important to those with money. To do anything else would be political suicide for these career politicians.
    Two more banners of the Democrats are racial and gender equality. They talk a good game but fail to practice what they preach. Would Senator Gephardt step down if a black female ran against him? Oh wait, one was running against him for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, We all know how that turned out. Just how many women would we find in positions of power within the Democratic Party? Why isn’t the minority leader in the senate black? Oh, I forgot, before Barack Obama, there are no black Democratic senators.
    Nevertheless, the Democrats want to look out for the welfare of the common man, so much that they would love to see everyone on welfare. Just tax the rich until there are no rich no more. While I would applaud attempts to insure that the haves properly acknowledge any debts they owe to the have-nots, I doubt the Democrats would be capable of doing it without lining their own pockets along the way. Entitlements equal votes in the mind of the politician, not a way to improve the lives of his fellow man.
    The upshot is that the Democrats are no more the friend than the Republicans are the enemy of the average American. They are guilty of all of the same faults of which they accuse the Republicans. Perhaps the Democrats need to take a bit of Biblical advice and cast out the log from their eye to see well enough to get the little splinter out of their Brother Republicans’ eye. It is unfortunate that so many Americans are willing to swallow the lines fed to them by the DNC. Until there is an end to career politicians, try as hard as they may, I am one American will never be convinced that any of them are telling the truth.
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