Bill Clinton: House Dems Treated Like 'Sharecroppers'

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    Ex-president Bill Clinton defended his wife Hillary on Friday for claiming last month that the GOP-led Congress was being run like a "plantation," adding that he thought House Democrats were being treated like "sharecroppers."

    Asked if he agreed with Mrs. Clinton's comment, the ex-president told WCBS Radio's Peter Maer: "Oh, absolutely I do. And it had no racial overtones."

    "It was more about the arbitrary and complete exercise of power and control," he contended."

    Clinton cited an unnamed farmer-turned-congressman from East Arkansas who told him he agreed with Hillary as well. "I wouldn't say we were slaves," Clinton quoted the congressman as saying. "We're more like sharecroppers."

    The ex-president then added, "Another member of the United States Congress who worked on a plantation as a boy came up and thanked my wife for saying that."
    After offering racially tinged anecdotes, Mr. Clinton again insisted that Hillary "absolutely meant nothing racial by it."

    "I defend her, I think she did the right thing," he said. "And I think that's why the Black Caucus defended her."

    This is it. I think we need a new forum here, The stupid things that Bubba and Jimma says, our EX presidents. ;)

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