Bernero crashes Snyder's GOP town hall meeting at country club

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    LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan’s two gubernatorial candidates began Monday with angry words over whether to hold debates but ended it by cordially answering questions at a town hall meeting and agreeing to have coffee together.

    It still remained unclear whether there will ever be a formal debate between Republican Rick Snyder and Democrat Virg Bernero.

    The congenial exchange between Snyder and Bernero Monday evening at the Hawthorne Valley Country Club came at the end of a daylong clash over debates.

    Snyder told WJR radio host Paul W. Smith Monday morning that he was done negotiating over debates since Bernero didn’t accept his Friday offer to do three. He dismissed debates as largely “sound bites and bickering.”

    Snyder, who calls himself “one tough nerd” in his ads and campaign literature, skipped two out of three gubernatorial debates sponsored this spring and summer by the Michigan Republican Party.

    The wealthy Ann Arbor businessman spent $2.3 million running ads during the primary election and pumped $6 million of his own money into his campaign. Although the more than 50 town hall meetings he has held have been open to the public, a large share of the audience consists of Snyder supporters who heard about the meetings from the campaign.

    Bernero said residents should get a chance to see both opponents together answering tough questions from the media about how they would revive Michigan’s economy and chart a better path for the future.

    “The voters deserve to hear our unscripted answers,” Bernero said. “He can’t just buy his way into the governor’s office.”

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    One way to make sure you don't lose the debate? Don't go.

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