Ban Bud Selig from the Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'Sports' started by rightwinger, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Next year, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemmons are up for the HOF. It is expected that both will be bypassed because of their suspected involvement with steroids. Neither player has tested positive for steroids, but because of noticable increases in performance and changes in their physical appearance.....we know they are lying when they say they never used steroids

    Bud Selig has been commissioner for 20 years and nobody will ever question his entry into the HOF. But Selig was commisioner when the steroid use burst on the scene. His sport was reeling after the strike of 94 and like it or not...Steroids saved baseball after the strike. All of a sudden, Maguire and Sosa are hitting 60-70 HRs, half dozen players hit 50 or more when 50 HR once in a decade used to be the norm
    Selig and the owners looked the other way, they profited off of the surge in fan interest and made heros of steroid users. How could anyone in a position of responsiblity not question the sudden surge in performance?

    Just like Bonds and Clemmons are lying when they say they didn't use steroids, Selig is lying when he says he had no idea what was going on.......Selig could have stopped it in its infancy and he did nothing. Too much money being made. He is just as culpable....or moreso
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    When Forster hit 50 in 1977 my friends and I had a challenge to name the other members of the 50 Club.

    At the time membership was rare I think there were only 8 other, the most recent Willly Mays (1965). 22 years before!

    After the strike in 95 the floodgate opened (I swear the ball is different too, it never used to leave the bat like that)

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