Asian Tigers Maul Obama and TPP – Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

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    Asian Tigers Maul Obama and TPP – Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement​

    December 11, 2012

    On November 20, 2012 Asian nations gave President Barack Hussein Obama a finger in the eye. The meeting in Phnom Penn, Cambodia included 15 Asian nations, representing about half the world’s population. These nations informed the world of the creation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. That partnership excludes the United States.

    Meantime, Obama was in Cambodia selling Western snake oil:
    A noxious brew created behind closed doors in the bowels of the secretive Obama Administration. Titled grandly, the ‘Trans Pacific Partnership,” or TPP, could have been called Tales of Narnia and would have meant about as much to the Asians. Cobbling this mess together, the Obama Admnistration mixed this concoction in so much secrecy one would have thought it was the economic version of the Manhattan Project. To the Asians, the TPP is just as big a bomb.

    The Obama Administration held the details so close to the chest, not even congress knew what was in the agreement. Obama and Trade Representative Ron Kirk wanted it that way. Obama and his people, and likely the financial industry and US Chamber of Commerce, must be disappointed.

    The Asians, including China, are not buying what Obama is selling. Basically they told him to take his TPP and jump off a cliff, fiscal or otherwise. Considering the US was going to leave China out of the TPP, the slap in the face to Obama must have loosened some of his teeth.

    The TPP was part of what Hillary Clinton announced as the “Asian pivot.” This was supposed to be a new geopolitical change in strategy that included everything from security to trade. Well, Hill and Obama can pivot like Baryshnikov doing his moves in Swan Lake ballet – the Asians are still not interested.


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