Arizona House Delagation likely to go Democrat.

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    FLAGSTAFF — Arizona's U.S. House delegation has long been dominated by Republicans, but some believe the GOP's reign could come to an end this November.
    Demographic shifts, an increase of Hispanic and independent voters in the state and a push by candidates to be seen as centrists could give the Democrats an edge in the delegation for the first time since 1966.
    Just four years ago, six of the state's eight House members were Republican. But two years ago, Democrats gained two seats to even the party split at four each.
    Political observers say one and possibly two additional seats could go to Democrats in the Nov. 4 election, leading to the first Democratic majority in the House delegation in more than 40 years.
    "They're scared to death, absolutely," William Dixon, who heads the University of Arizona's political science department, said, referring to the state's Republican leadership
    Democrats could win majority in Arizona's U.S. House delegation | Now split 4-4

    Frankly this does not surprise me at all, Arizona will likely go democrat in our house delagation and given all the factors presented above including an Incumbant President that is not popular this is a very good possibility.

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