All This Amazing Stuff Is Coming Out Into The Light Now

Discussion in 'Media' started by MarcATL, Aug 21, 2009.

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    All this amazing stuff is coming out into the light now.

    Just looking at the media landscape today, I see that Rove has implicated himself in having improper knowledge about the Siegelman thing.

    Blackwater was licensed to identify & kill supposed terrorists. Sometimes they got the wrong people.

    Tom Ridge came clean about the Bushies using terrorism alerts for political purposes.

    The Republicans, and their owners the health insurance industry, have been caught out in bald-faced lies.

    Last week Sibil Edmonds named names and told stories.

    The politicization of the US Attorney appointments, and the corrupt motives behind the selective firings, was revealed.

    Gee Wow, All the stuff we knew to be true is now validated. Whooppee, Hallelujah!

    So, does anybody think something meaningful is gonna happen now? I don’t.

    There was a time, almost 40 years ago, when the media, officialdom, and the public would have been terminally outraged by any one of these cases. Any one of them is fully the equivalent of Watergate in its enormity, and Watergate was big enough to bring down a President, with even Republicans joining in his hounding from office.

    But not any more. We’re living in a time in which, to all intents and purposes, the media pretend that there is no truth. There are only competing sides to the story, and they give the most credence to the version their corporate owners want pushed. That version, of course, is invariably the one based on a tissue of lies, because the corporations need to sustain a fabric of lies to keep their unholy grip on power.

    Consider science, for example. Science is an enterprise based upon the discovery of facts, upon valuing the truth, no matter where it leads. The principles of science are antithetical to those of the corporate psychopaths. That is, no doubt, why 90% of scientists are Democrats. The attack dogs of the Right are working to destroy respect for science in the public mind. That is why they push creationism, and part of why they have attacked global warming.

    So I predict that each one of these scandals, each of these insults to justice and decency, will pass with little note and no significant consequences. Certainly the mass media will pay them little mind, and I believe that the current Administration will also do nothing.
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