All roads leads to amnesty.

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    And chain migrations.

    Path to Citizenship, the Dream Act and Amnesty have all been shot down

    and much larger than the supposed temporary legal status and temporary work permits for 800,000 children of Illegal Aliens is just a drop in the bucket of the much larger picture that lead to amnesty for millions. And amnesty lead to chain migration.

    This temporary act affecting 800,000 will lead to amnesty. The parents of these 800,000 will not be deported. The parents of millions of anchor babies will not be deported. So the 800,000 and the millions of anchor babies and their parents adds up to 15 million people that will not be deported.

    This policy is not a fixer upper but a demolisher of our immigration system and it will continue to be broken and never work again. It does not lead to border security or controlled immigration. People will still cross the border illegally and they will come on visa and over stay and their will be another amnesty in 25 more years.

    Hiding among these are millions are gangs members and other criminals and to separate them before they are caught and charges and deported is virtually impossible. Criminals entered the country will these children and parents and it’s impossible to bring the out of the shadows and deport until they have committed serious crimes against Americans. Illegal Aliens kill 15 Americans daily and rape 8 children daily. All of this can be prevented if our immigration laws were enforced.

    All this lead to a flood of Illegal Aliens crossing the border and overstaying their visas and nothing for reforming our immigration system. This is a no brainer and a no winner. Amnesty is not going to reform our alleged “broken immigration system.” Illegal immigration broke it and controlling immigration and our border is the only way to fix it.

    Fact is our immigration system is not broken. It works when our immigration laws are enforced. One million people have been allowed to enter legally each year in the past decade plus asylum seekers and refugees. We have a generous legal immigration policy.

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