All I can say on Gov Walker victory is..........HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Jun 6, 2012.

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    YOu lefties cried like a bunch of spoiled brat children, and tried to recall this man who was legally voted into office!!!!:lol:

    You protested like a bunch of punks, poured your heart and soul into this, bragged and gloated about an inevitable win, and got your butts kicked!!!

    Obama wouldn't even provide more than a Tweet endorsement!!! Embarrassing!!!

    The foundation of the left wing union movement is in Wisconsin, and the GOP has literally struck a blow to the very heart of the Democratic Party!!!!

    Guess what boys? The "Titanic" of the left, the labor unions, is sinking. And the band is just gonna keep playing:eusa_boohoo:

    MSNBC preached that Walker "survived" the recall, despite a 10 point win (which is an easy win). Their shock and awe on TV last night was worth a $10 ticket if my home charged. It was just pure partisan joy. And coming soon......Obamacare illegal!!!!


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