Afghanistan Runoff Election Should Be Postponed To The Spring

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by JimofPennsylvan, Oct 22, 2009.

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    The U.S. government in conjunction with NATO countries and the U.N. should lobby Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah to postpone the Afghanistan Presidential runoff election to the Spring. The fifteen or so days provided to organize a runoff election in Afghanistan is too short a time, there will be too much risk that there will be high levels of fraud, ballot stuffing, voter intimidation and/or low voter turn out. Consider the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's confidence level on this whole matter, it is reported he stated it would be a "huge challenge" to hold another election in Afghanistan without repeating massive fraud - and he is the guy the whole world is relying on to insure a good runoff election. What has been the biggest fear of people of good will throughout the world over the last two or three months with the Afghanistan Presidential Elections? It has been that these Presidential elections will be perceived as unfair and fraudulent by the Afghanistan people and the weak support for the central government by the Afghanistan people will become even weaker resulting in the countries failure. With these November 7th runoff elections the Afghanistan people and the world are facing the same Afghanistan public opinion danger, a critical issue and it is a critical issue because it bears on the issue will the Afghanistan people want the Afghanistan government to succeed and either the Afghanistan people start wanting the Afghanistan government to succeed or there is no hope for a democratic Afghanistan country. NATO countries have a limit on how much of their soldiers they will allow to be killed or wounded in Afghanistan and how much money they will spend to see Afghanistan succeed (the Afghanistan people at most have a two year window to show the security situation in Afghanistan is under control or NATO countries are going to walk).

    If the runoff elections are postponed to the spring many things can be done to vastly improve the chances that there won’t be significant fraud in the elections. First, instead of using these plastic containers to collect the ballots with lids that are held on by plastic ties which can be cut the lid lifted and fraudulent ballots placed inside and new ties attached. Plastic container manufactures could be utilized to make containers that have no lids just a one circular hole where a ballot could be rolled up like a diploma and inserted inside and the manufacturers could mold in serial numbers on these containers and covers could be made for the hole in these containers and as soon as the polls close the hole cover could be epoxied onto the containers over the container hole and the containers with the ballots could be transported to three or four vote counting centers in a province where an opening would be cut into the containers and ballots removed and this cutting an opening, ballot removal and ballot counting would all have plenty of human monitors and be videotaped to prevent fraud. Once the polls would be closed election officials would call into the vote counting centers with the serial numbers of the containers they used to collect votes at their polling place and that all the used containers have hole covers epoxied on them. If those containers with those serial numbers don’t show up at the vote counting center or if those containers show sign of tampering the delivered containers would not be counted. The above process would make it very hard to see significant ballot stuffing.

    If the runoff election were put off to the spring, good security measure could be made and implemented for every polling place in Afghanistan, human monitors from the Abdullah camp, Karzai camp and the UN could be obtained for every polling place throughout the country of Afghanistan. So that on election day, what goes on in those polling place can have extensive human scrutiny and election fraud can be blocked.

    An incentive for Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah to accept this postponement of the runoff to the spring could be that the United States government will pay for the run off election. This makes sense from the United States standpoint because how much has the U.S. government spent in Afghanistan over the past eight years a quarter of a trillion dollars what is the realistic future expenditures $75 billion dollars a year for the next few years, the cost of run off election is peanuts compared to these sums when success of the whole Afghanistan mission is at stake. Plus Karzai and Abdullah both can’t be looking forward to being President of Afghanistan if they win if there is significant fraud or a very low voter turnout for these runoff elections because the Taliban and the enemies of the central government will use such factors to great effectiveness in turning Afghanistan public opinion against the Central government, making their tenure as President a very rough journey.
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    Abdullah pulls out of Afghan election review...

    Abdullah withdraws from Afghan election review
    August 27, 2014 — Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah pulled his support from the country’s United Nations-led election review Wednesday, arguing it was incapable of identifying the widespread fraud he believes took place.
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    UN: Afghan election undecided until after NATO summit
    August 28, 2014 ~ The United Nations has asked Afghan President Hamid Karzai to once again delay the inauguration of a new president as an audit of disputed ballots goes on amid posturing by the candidates and sometimes physical fighting among their supporters.

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