A mo’ better life.

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    Immigrants risking their lives and the live of children because of greed for a mo’ better life than they have in Mexico. 400 die each year by drowning, exposure in the desert or murder trying to enter this country all because our Government will not do their job of enforcing our immigration laws and go after business that hire Illegal Aliens.

    Many immigrants leave jobs and pay drug smugglers thousands of dollars to get here. Most have a good life in Mexico but driven by greed come for a mo’ better life. Unemployment in Mexico is 4.5%, comparable to cost of living, mainly because of American business moving to Mexico. In a recent Border Wars a single mother left a job, home and paid a smuggler $3500. No one caught crossing the border appear to be suffering from mal-nutrition, carrying cell phones and wearing designer clothes and shoes.

    Some criminals can elude the law for over 20 years and when found they are prosecuted. There is no statue of limitation on illegal immigration.

    They do come to have American children because it is their ticket to stay. They know our Government hesitate to deport illegal aliens that have American born children because claim they do not want to “separate” families and it would be “inhumane.” And they know we will provide education, healthcare, housing, welfare grants and food for their American born children that will benefit the entire Illegal Alien family. Our Government ignore the physical and economically cost of illegal immigration on Americans.

    Greed is a driving force for illegal immigration for most Illegal Aliens. Most of them leave behind a good life and come only for a mo’ better life. When the economy went bad, many beat it back to Mexico jobs which is better than no job at all.

    20 million Illegal Aliens have entered this country since the 1986 amnesty it is because our government has not been doing it’s job.

    We have enough poverty in America and do not to import more. 1.5 million homeless children. 14 million unemployed. 45 million without healthcare. 1 in 5 living at poverty level and our Government want us to be humane and compassionate toward illegal aliens who left home and jobs for a mo’ better life in America? And we do not need Illegal Aliens to do jobs Americans will not do because there are none. Most of these Americans living in poverty have made contributions to America. Shouldn’t poverty in Mexico be a Mexico problem?


    Poverty In America: A Special Report
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    If you thijk about it, it makes a lot of sense to send them all back.

    They come here to escape the grinding poverty of their own countries. No running water, no sanitation, little food. They come here for a better life and get it. They have a car, flush toilet, school, color television set, toys, they join the ranks of the obese. THEN they find out that according to American standards of poverty they are as poor as what they left behind if not more poor. They complain, BITTERLY about being poor. Shut up and go home.

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