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    time is nearing and obama is once again trying to snow the public, but i believe and hope that the youth that got burned see who the silver tongue devil really is, just that.
    he has no solid accomplishments, even his osama bin laden story was put in place by george bush, he just followed through, which was good, but you would think it was his program, pretty grim for close to four years in office, we have went from america the leader to america the borrower.
    when you have nothing to run on as far as accomplishments, then you lie about your opponent and try to scar the public about how bad things will be if your opponet gets in office.
    common sense tells you that when jobs the economy housing and the american dollar is weak,its not the time to raise taxes, this would drag us down further, we need a boost or a real jump start by helping the working people and small business and coporations do better then ultimately everyone will do better, cut the red tape that sucks businesses dry financially, put money in the hands of the working people, by letting them keep more of their money.
    how can you put down your opponet when he has created successful businesses that have that have hired thousands of people put money back into the economy and paid for needed gov necessities, staples and bain capital are both great examples.
    yes its time for hope and change from a dictator on his own agenda to a proven leader who cares and will put america back together, we want to be the world leader again, not a third world country, thank you! this is really a no brainer.

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