18 innocent SHIA-E-ALI killed by WAHABI terrorists & Govt always failed to protect

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    18 innocent SHIA-E-ALI killed by WAHABI terrorists & Govt always failed to protect the common man life’s in Pakistan?

    I am much shocked, regret, strongly condemn the DEAD of innocents 18 SHIA-E-ALI those were killed by WAHABI terrorist’s group to punish why we love AHL-E-BAIT and identity which is famous around the world SHIA-E-ALI.

    This organize target killing by 8 Wahabi terrorists all wearing ARMY UNIFORM ( to spoil the image of Army ) and want that Shia fight against Pakistani Army for killing innocents those who returning to Gilgit via Islamabad after performing Zia rat.

    After proper deification that no SUNNI should be killed but any Shia-e-Ali remain alive or missed? But which BIG BOSS authority or instruction you killed thousands of Shia-e-Ali and more painful not a single Wahabi terrorists yet hanged or punished even all evidence are proofing that involved in killing of many Shia’s but why CHIEF JUSTICE or Head of Police Dept still showing sympathy with the Wahabi terrorists to safe from real punishment? Who is behind who give money, training and shelter to Wahabi terrorist.

    How these Wahabi terrorists are brainless is confirm by every common but they are MAD too. Their leaders preach the brain less Talban and Wahabi Group people if any killed SHIA-E-ALI than no one can stop his reach to HEAVEN and 70 HURS anxiously waiting to welcome THE Wahabi killers.

    But the true face these WAHABI activities do not knew that after suicide attack or killing any innocent Muslims or Shia one can reach positively in HELL without any hurdle but only in their dream they feel to be place in Heaven? If these TALABAN ( Wahabi ) are called themselves as Muslims but their acts are worst than ANIMALS ( dogs and pigs are much better than Talban )

    If these Talban are more powerful they can do as much as killing of innocents Shia-e-Ali but shameless LEA’s not yet send any single terrorists to his real place which he deserve Hanged but due to extra favour, encourage no punishment I never heard, but my ears listen millions times that LEA’S make a successful attempt to arrest the Wahabi banned terrorists ( Sipa-e-Sahab or Jashkar-e-Jangvi) but why waiting to give real way punishment? Only make arrest for getting reward or to make nation FOOLISH?

    These Wahabi killers are followers of Yazadi ( Murdabad ) and by calling not to their activities but who their leaders, ideal are and supporters and satisfaction with his works.

    Tell honestly which give you more pain out of the followings

    1. Seeing Shia-e-Ali followers spread and settle around the world
    2. Seeing more 95 Millions Shia-e-Ali registered their attendance to pay tribute to Hazrat IMAM Hussain ( A. S ) in Karbala, Iraq.
    3. Seeing Shia-e-Ali procession
    4. Seeing Shia-e-Ali always calling MURDABAD to Yazdi & his entire followers
    5. Do you think if killing a few hundred or thousand we change our path or do not show love and affection with AHL-E-BAIT is your mistaken

    Those elements still supporting the Talban and encourage to do more and more killing of innocents perhaps directly involve in murders and place with them in HELL? If you do not get punishment due to corrupt leaders, lack of justice system, even any criminal can think he can skip from ANGEL OF DEATH ( first phase ) and convey message that I am not a ordinary person – stupid go away and leave me along? Perhaps not a single example I heard regarding this matter that any one yet return death angle do not take my soul?
    In last I pray to God to destroy the entire net work of Talban – Wahabi terrorists group, make them helpless and destroy their power so they remain deprive entire life’s till alive and after death place in HELL and remain forever?

    I am extremely proud of Shia-e-Ali followers and always hate by heart & soul for un-educated and MAD Talban till I am alive?

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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