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You must remember this....a kiss is just a kiss


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Aug 4, 2009
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Except in Dubai

Kissing Couple Faces Jail Time in Dubai - ABC News

A couple caught kissing in a Dubai restaurant faces a month of jail time and imminent deportation, local media reported this week.

Charlotte Adams, 25, and Ayman Najafi, 24, have appealed a conviction for public indecency in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, saying a simple peck on the cheek was blown out of proportion as they dined at a seaside restaurant.

The couple -- both are British citizens -- was taken to court after an Emirati woman sitting with her children at a table nearby reported them to the police, saying they were kissing passionately and touching each other.

"We greeted each other and kissed on the cheeks," Adams told the Dubai Appeals Court, according to Gulf News. The couple was also fined for consuming alcohol; though drinking is allowed in Dubai's bars, hotels, and private homes, those stopped by police can be punished if intoxicated.

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