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Nov 17, 2012
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How much are you in charge of your life and how your life goes? Apparently 100 % is the answer, because you can decide whatever you want any day. But is that true? I have conducted the following experiments on myself, to prove that this is not only not true, but also unlike any other bio organism, unique to humans.

Experiment 1

I decided to get very angry and pissed off soon. Nothing specific, just that. Then I forgot it. A couple of days later, for no good reason, I just got very pissed off with a guy for talking in French to me at the bar, and I punched him, before the bouncers tossed me out.

Experiment 2

I decided to get very afraid. Nothing specific, just that. Then I forgot it. A couple of days later, my gf borrowed my car keys and gave them to her accident prone brother who crashed my car. When I bitched about it to her, she got angry and punched me a few times.

Experiment 3

I got sleep deprived. So bad that I couldn't think straight. Yet when my former summer job sent me a project to do, I agreed to it. It is a piece of software. I couldn't concentrate enough to understand the requirements, but I went through it step by step, typing up the code, like I am a machine. And guess what it functioned correctly.

Experiment 4

I told an idiot that my cat is wild. ...

Anyways, these experiments prove, that humans, unlike any other bio organism, are programmatic. Humans function like machines. So, how about you? Who programs the events of your life? And how much do you believe that you have a control over it, other than this programmatic one?

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