Who is Congress Representing?

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Apr 25, 2004
I'll bet new new mothers and Americans holding down two jobs would like to be considered in the group when designating sleep deprivation as “torture”. :rolleyes:

Is Congress Representing Us, or the Terrorists?
By Rabbi Aryeh Spero, Human Events
September 21, 2006

Those senators and congressmen demanding that we supply to Islamic terrorists all of the legal rights reserved by the Constitution to U.S. citizens are, de facto, advancing the theory that we now live in a one-world polity where borders and sovereignty mean nothing. Foreign terrorists who revile our Constitution and wish to destroy us are, evidently, just as good as those American citizens foolish enough to have elected these people. These representatives are choosing those who wish to destroy us over those of us who elected them to safeguard us. They are betraying our trust.

They tell us that they do so in order to maintain our moral high ground over the terrorists. Apparently, they very much wish to impress the jihadists. Worse, they are asserting that unless we extend to al Qaeda rights that most free people, living in democracies, don’t even have, we are no better than those who routinely behead people, kill innocent children, burn down churches, and gouge out eyes.

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