White man charged with hate crime after allegedly punching Black sixth grader

How is it cold blooded murder? Was she physically trying to break into Congressional Chambers?
was she armed? was she even on the same side of the wall as the officer? was she an "imminent threat"?

NO, NO and NO.

making it cold blooded murder.
You guys never have a problem when a white cop kills a black man you claim are breaking the law, why is it different now?

Your statement clearly indicated shooting her was to "Encourage" the guys breaking down the door to stop. Do you stand by that?
was she committing crime that required deadly force?
Babbitt was shot once in the shoulder by an unidentified Capitol police lieutenant while attempting to crawl through a broken window leading to the Speaker’s Lobby outside the US House of Representatives’ chamber.

Who broke the window? If you were attempting to climb into a broken window in the WH do you think you would be shot?
A white man was charged with a hate crime after he allegedly punched a Black sixth-grade boy in Bellingham, Washington, while the student was on a field trip.

Paul Jonathan Bittner, 42, was booked in Whatcom County jail on June 12 on charges of assault of a child in the second degree and malicious harassment, a hate crime offense in Washington, booking records show. His bail was set at $500,000.

Court records, obtained by The Bellingham Herald, revealed that the unnamed 11-year-old suffered a chipped tooth.

Students were walking to the Pickford Film Center on a field trip when “a community member physically assaulted and used racist comments towards one of our students,” the Whatcom Middle School principal Mischelle Darragh said in a statement.

Tell me was this racist coward playing the KO game.

Let's see how many come to defend this racist coward.
What was the little black boy doing to deserve it?
Why I have never heard you tell your racist white brothers that.
His fragility makes his freeze up when the word white is associated with negative racist actions. So when such an situation is described, he wants people not to bring up color. But, if this had been a black man punching a white child, he would be very glad not only to make the racial description known, but he would add extra commentary regarding that black persons character, and then talk about somebodys culture.

Cops Force Innocent Black Woman Outside Home Without Clothes TWICE​

This is the same police department that murdered Airman Roger Fortson.
He was born black. Had this been a black person doing this your racist ass would be talking about the poor pitiful white child.
The white kid would probably have been behaving. Leave it to a black person to start assaulting a white kid for no reason.

KKK Leader Who Posted Racist Flyers On Black Churches Gets Prison Time​

Daniel Walls pleaded guilty to four counts of civil rights intimidation after he confessed he plastered flyers on the doors and marquees of Faith United Missionary Baptist Church, Bethel Chapel AME Church, and Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, all in Columbia, South Carolina.Those flyers contained Klan imagery and slogans, racist and homophobic language, and threatening language from the “Old Glory Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.”"

How do you know the kid instigated anything? How do you know he disrespected the dude? Let's say he said something smart to him, are you saying a 42yr old white man had a right to punch a 11yr old kid because of something he might have said to him? Is that WTF you are telling me?
You said there was no provocation, and I proved there was. I get tired of leftwing articles leaving out these critical details. Who knows what horrible thing he said? Maybe it was a threat of some kind. Why do you have no interest in what the kid said?
The white kid would probably have been behaving. Leave it to a black person to start assaulting a white kid for no reason.
No, the entitled white brat is the main one who misbehaves in school. I've seen it. There is no story about a black assaultinig a white kid here. This is about a white man that punched an 11 year od black child only because he was black.

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