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No one is playing the victimization card but whites who whine about anti white racism.

Let us understand what this so-called victim mentality is. The victim is not the person who says whites continue to practice racism, that it’s wrong, and we need to stop it. The victim is not the black person who fights for equality whites have denied us, which has created tremendous damage that black communities face. The victim is the one who has given up, the one who tells us not to rock the boat, ignore racism, work harder, and all will be well. The victim is the person who makes up things that don’t happen, such as anti-white discrimination, or who proclaims that ant-racism means you are anti-white. The victim is the person who has all the preferences and advantages of a society but complains that somehow they are being forgotten and left out.

The victim is the type who believes that somehow another group’s fight for equality means their group loses rights. The victim is the person who thinks they are being discriminated against because the university is seventy percent white instead of seventy-five percent because it accepts people of color. The victim is the person who cries about “merit” without considering that whites, have got most of what they have due to skin color.

So don't repeat silly white slogans to me son because there is no black victimization here. If I had a victims mentality, I'd be reciting how slavery wasn't so bad like Ben Carson so that I could feel accepted by whites. You got this victimization stuff straight ass backwards.

Your use of thee term victimization card is an example of a delusional right wing statement..
You make up your own definitions to suit your agenda.
It’s not black vs white. It’s liberal vs sane. Some people are doomed to the programming.


How Racism Hurts White People Too

Racism coddles Whites by not requiring us to learn what all people of color must do to survive.

Susana Rinderle, MA, ACC
Susana Rinderle, MA, ACC, Contributor

Imagine you work hard your whole life: at school, work and home. You win some and you lose some, and at times it feels like there’s more losing than winning. Life’s not easy, but you hang in there and follow most of the rules. Some people are less kind than others, and your interactions with teachers, coworkers, bosses, store clerks and bureaucrats can be challenging. Like most people you know, you do all right, but sometimes struggle to pay bills, find a decent place to live, put your kids in a decent school, and get your basic needs met. You see less deserving folks get rewards or perks you don’t. You worry about the future.

And then someone says you have “white privilege.”

I get it. I’m White. Growing up with three darker-skinned family members and mostly “minority” classmates, I hated racism. I thought it meant meanness and abuse directed towards people of color, particularly Blacks, and as a teen I vowed to do my part to stop it. I bristled at the suggestion that I contributed to racism or benefitted from so-called “privilege” just because I was White. What a load of crap! I was a conscientious, empathetic person with multicolored friends. I went out of my way to treat everyone with respect and dignity, even advocate for equality. I worked my butt off in challenging social and financial circumstances to achieve a great deal. To suggest I hadn’t earned it fairly was deeply insulting. To say I got unearned advantages sounded like a copout from lazy complainers.

Eventually, I learned that my well-intended understanding of racism was woefully superficial and incomplete. I learned that I was blind to much of what was going on around me, because I’m White. I also learned a dirty secret about racism: It hurts White people too.

Racism coddles Whites by not requiring us to learn what all people of color must do to survive – how to live in multiple worlds, speak multiple languages and quickly navigate complex realities. It coddles us by making us too fragile to fully hear, understand and receive what people of color are saying, much less take responsibility for our part. It makes us too fragile to talk with people or color in any way that doesn’t meet our standards of comfort and familiarity, much less tolerate being in groups where we are the racial minority.

Susan Rinderle is right.. I've seen some of this and what she says and she is absolutely correct.

This, especially American white culture does them more harm than anything they imagine coming from whatever perceived threats some whites have concocted.

Sadly there are black people help perpetuate this lifestyle of denial.

We do things like tell them nothing is their fault and that white racism is not a problem. That all the deficits we were born into were self inflicted..

“Racism skews our sense of reality. It damages our humanity. It makes us weak.”-Susan Rinderle


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Liberalism is a disability.

THAT is a college student? And this is what Biden wants us to pay for (via loan forgiveness)?

Liberal universities are just indoctrination camps. Right now, they’re being indoctrinated against Israel and Jewish people - by the fall, who knows?
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