Zone1 White Culture holds back white people

So, the totally sane white liberal gang is now asking if genitalia even needs to resemble human anatomy.

Dr. Mengele in the 21st century. Dehumanization agenda.
If this little girl ever tried saying this to an actual person, I think she would find out where their foot would end up.

What’s holding blacks back is the unwillingness of the ghetto version to adopt the “traits of whiteness,” as outlined by the African-American museum of thr Smithsonian.

Examples include speaking English properly, being polite, sticking to schedules, working hard, respecting authority, and so forth.
I don't think she'd like what happened if she trod on my toes.
Exactly. And who is she talking to? Other they-thems? Men don’t “stand on each other’s toes”. They get in each other’s faces. Standing on a man’s toes is what children do. “Tempest” is literally trying to compensate for not having a father.


NPR Barbie is literally arguing that corporations deserve the same rights as humans. The political left is an animated corpse of what liberals believe it to be.
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They have scientists working around the clock to try to figure out why she didn’t get the job…


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