Which will you buy: Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, all of them, or just two?

Probably the 360 and the PS3. Not sure yet on Wii....

I'm tickled about MS making the XNA platform available to the public, and that has definitely colored my opinion favorably.
If I got one, it'd be the Wii. It's cheap. It's innovative. It has Smash Bros. and Zelda. And most of all, Nintendo hasn't pissed me off recently. Microsoft, on the other hand, is still on my bad side (and SLOWLY crawling out), and I'm less inclined to want a PS3 every time a Sony rep opens his big fat mouth. I especially like the lines, "Five million will buy it whether it's got any games or not," and "You're paying for potential." Seriously, their stock would go up if they'd just shut their noise holes.
The Wii is just too cheap not to buy. Plus Zelda, Wii Sports, and Mario guarantee a solid launch.

I might buy a PS3 for myself in the future, it's just that I don't see any "must have" games coming out on the system for awhile. I'd rather just wait it out and hope for a price drop. Plus, as Hobbit said, Sony needs to have its pride taken down a notch or two. If you listened to those guys enough you'd start to think this thing was the second coming.

I'm feeling less and less excited about the Xbox 360. It's more an EA Sports machine than a video game console right now. The only game that's really interested me was Oblivion, and I can get that on computer.
None for at least a year or two. But, if I had to buy one as soon as they came out, I'd get the Wii.
Neither, for now anyway.

I most likely will buy the PS3, and that when the next Final Fantasy game is released.

Ofcourse, when Final Fantasy 12 hasn't even been released, this might take some time.
pah, I would have gotten the wii, if it were still named the REVOULUTION!! :blowup: and why for an exra 200 bucks would I get a PS3? it doesnt have the space of the 360, doesnt have live....nope, Im going to the XBOX 360


hey bush! this is what I think of you!!


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