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Where are all those Corona deads in Belarus? No Corona measurements imposed. Therefore NWO wants to kill Lukashenko


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Sep 19, 2008
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Brooklyn, NYC
President Lukashenko is the only honest leader who declined the bribe from IWF ( $1 bln ) for imposing of Corona measurements and lockdown. He said Corona were a Lie. He's right, nothing happens in Belarus, no deaths, no panic, life as usual.
Don't believe lying western presstitutes and corrupted devils - 'politicians'
They already kicked out Ukrainian president in 2014 and transformed the country to Hell on Earth.
Now NWO pays $$$ billions to force Lukashenko to resign. Tons of dollars are going to so-called 'opposition'
Who are 'protestors' in Belarus?
Most of them are non - Belorussians,but Polska, Ukrainians, as always Jews of course.

Why presstitutes never report about Corona deaths in Belarus?
Because there aren't any.

Reason enough to provoke the coup against honest elected President

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