When One Hears; "I Am From The Government & I Am Here To *HELP You"...


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Jul 18, 2020
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...it's time to either fight, run or option #3, drop ones drawers, bend over, grab ones ankles & take it like a taxpayer. The word HELP is usually a distress call from one or more folks calling out for assistance from other folks in regards to a troubled situation they find their/themselves in. When the word(s) HELP or 'HELP YOU' is addressed to the general public from the lips of a profe$$ional politician it then can be reduced to a simple algebraic equation; (HELP + YOU) x (politician + tax) = Moby Dick. Like those profe$$ional politician$ spew out that 'HELP YOU" from their lips faster than even that ole MG/42 spewed out 8mm rounds from its barrel. If you want to avoid a painful/humiliating encounter with mister Moby Dick then you need to tell your profe$$ional politician(s) the following; "I'll pass on the help if you make sure that freakin' debt spending is drastically reduced by cutting down bureaucracy & your world cop program to the minimum & restoring the purchasing value of the feds federal reserve notes".

See how many times YOU can count the word TAX in the link below! Also, be on the lookout for sentences like or similar to the following; "His plan falls short of detailing how he would equalize those benefits".


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