When a Serb catches a Turk Kada Srbin Turcina Uhvati LOL


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I added this disclaimer and comment to the video

Attention: I do not hate Balkan Muslims, who they call "turks". I just find it very funny, because they are genetically not different then their Balkan Christian neighbours and they are not darker. The man sings they are dark and if they are born in africa. Hahaha. It is actually "a parody" do not get angry, you all.

So don't get angry or think I'm "fascist", it's actually a "parody" and completely funny

Gde te Majka tako crnog rodi, jel u africi, ili americi, jel u iraku ili u sandzaku

English: Where did your mum gave birth to your "blackass", in africa, or america, or is it iraq or sandzak?

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