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What Leadership Is and Looks Like


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Mar 3, 2013
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Two examples of what a great leader Eisenhower was:

Just a few days prior to D-Day Ike was told 70% of the Airborne troops would be killed and that portion of the invasion must be called off. Ike said their mission was too important that it had to proceed.

As the Airborne troops were about to load onto their aircraft Ike went to go look at those troops he was sending to certain death in the eye and talk to them personally. (Fortunately casualties were much less than forecasted.)

Second example:
Thanks to one of Ike’s clerks who rescued it out of the trashcan, we know Ike had written a statement to the press accepting full responsibility for the failure of D-Day. Ike had no idea why they would fail, but whatever it was it was entirely upon his shoulders.

It’s very sad we seldom see that quality of leadership these days.

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