what languages do you speak?


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A German and a Brit happen to meet not long after the war.

German: "I don't understand. Ve prayed to God for victory but vere defeated."
Brit: "Oh my, God doesn't understand German."

But then the Germans have such good English, it wouldn't surprise me if they prayed in English too
American English and Florida Cracker. A teacher once used me to interpret the words and phrases in Zora Neal Hurston's stories :)
English fluently. I can get by in 5 other languages though I am not fluent in any of them.
What do you mean by "get by" exactly?
I can read a menu, signs, etc. And I can understand enough to know what someone is telling me but I am not fluent enough to reply in sentence form unless it is to order a meal. My Italian and Spanish accents are good. My French and German accents are awful. I know a few necessary words in Tagalog.

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