What is the purpose of life?


Aug 28, 2003
New York
Growing up I had the same aspirations as most other little boys - marriage, career, college... and we all had an 'image' of what life would be like for us when we grew up.

Well, I'm grown up (just don't ask my Mom), and I still feel 'empty' on the purpose. I still feel uneasy, that same feeling I felt after schooling when the future scares and intimidates you. I have confidence in my abilities but not the confidence in my 'resume of life'. I'm confused, and honestly, am not 100% sure about what I want in life, and it's probably getting a bit late to be determining your path to your desires. I don't know if I overthink and analyze my faults too much, or if it's natural therapy and good for me. I spend a great deal of time criticizing myself and thinking of ways to improve upon, but this takes a toll on the body almost as much as physical activity.

The marriage and education are there (no wisecracks) and I had a rewarding career at most times but find myself in a rut now that just feels irreversible. I know it's not, but that's how it feels. I know what needs to be done but feel like a writer that has writers block at the beginning of writing.

I need something to snap me out of 'it'. Now, if I only knew what 'it' was.

'It' sucks.
be happy. Unfortunately many seem to think be happy means to make as much money as humanly possible. I personly think that you make as much money as you need to live a happy life. Living your life to make money usually leads you the opposite direction.

Your only going to be truly happy when you can find a job that doesnt piss you off and gives you enough money and time to do what does make you happy. 99% of the people dont do what they love for a living so its pointless to try that. Instead find a job that is tolerable as far as stress level, free time and finances and then your happiness will come from spending time with your family doing the things you love.

And try not to sweat the small shit. Life's too short. We're all going to die so ultimately you could say our purpose for life is dieing if you got right down to it. The goal is to be as happy as possible while we're here.
Gotta realize I'm me. With that said, get back to school, study something you find interesting. You'll feel better about yourself and there may well be a hot girl in the class! ;)
The chronic pain you've had along with the trauma of surgery can give you a real kick in the teeth. Unable to sleep from nagging pain, you get sleep deprived and depressed...I know, it happened to me. Getting past the pain and getting my life back made a world of difference, and I think it will for you too.

If it doesn't though, and I'm not joking here, talk therapy with a doc you trust can really help. I've seen too many people suffer too long with depression without looking for a helping hand. Don't you be one of them.

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