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berni_mccoy (1000+ posts) Mon Nov-20-06 12:48 PM
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Hey Everyone Who Doesn't Want a DRAFT...WE ALREADY HAVE ONE
It's called being poor.

For young people who are poor and unable to afford college, there is a way for them to make a living: Join the Military. This has been the case since the Vietnam War. The only thing is, we have MANY MANY MOORE POOR NOW. And they are being faced with the decision to take on multiple minimum wage jobs with no benefits and health-care such as Walmart or Starbucks or join the military. You are a poor, 18-year old teen who is extremely frustrated at your situation. Which route are you going to choose? Many have and will continue to choose the military.
Our military ranks are depleted and as such, I fully support a draft, as long as a few things are established:

1. Immediate Withdraw from Iraq -- nothing we do there will militarily will change the outcome at this point.
2. The draft is selective in the following order of priority for conscription:
- Sons and daughters of Federal Government officials (Senators, Representatives, Administration, Supreme Court, etc)
- Wealthiest to Poorest, no outs unless physically disabled (as disabilities are recognized by the SSA).
3. Penalties for avoiding are both financial (amount based on wealth) and prison.

If a draft like this was created, I believe it would put an end to future warmongering.
Gee it looks like I was right, they would insert a clause to target whites.

The Results are In: Americans No Longer Dumb
In the year 2000, Americans stunned the world with their unbelievable stupidity by giving Bush just enough votes to convincingly steal the election. In 2004, they reaffirmed their ignorance, succumbing to the allure of Right-wing jingoism like retarded chimps mesmerized by shiny objects.

Then somehow, in the span of two short years, the American Idiot Collective evolved into intelligent and discerning voters – as they demonstrated Tuesday by returning Congress to its rightful owners. No one knows for sure how it happened, or who deserves the credit for educating the mindless sheeple herd and bringing their collective IQ out of the double digits. Whether it was Cindy Sheehan’s wailing, Al Gore’s bloviating, Hillary Clinton’s screeching, or Barbara Streisand spewing obscenities at her audience, Americans have finally opened their minds to the brilliant light of progressive reason. No longer brainwashed by superstitious beliefs in biblical bugaboos and non-taxable income, they sent the Bush regime a clear message that they want to take America in a New Direction. Exactly which direction isn’t really important, as long as it is a different direction than we are going now. With their newly acquired brains, Americans have finally realized they wasted six long years fighting a hopeless war against terrorists and democrats, and are ready to surrender to both.

It was a wise decision, and the world is already beginning to awake to a Bright New Dawn. The economy is on the upswing, as if anticipating the imminent repeal of Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent of Americans. The effects of global warming diminish with each passing day as temperatures rapidly decline all across the country. And most importantly, France likes us again.

Of course, there are still a few isolated pockets of stupidity here and there, as evident by the Republicans getting any votes at all. Luckily, it’s a disease confined mainly to white Christian males and active members of the military – people whose opinion doesn’t really matter anyway.


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