What is causing the increase in school violence?

The anger directed at Christians and Nationalists is about hate. A Christian kid will be a target of not only fellow students as well as faculty. A kid with an American Flag on a Tee shirt would also be a target from commie faculty as well as left wing programmed students. Factor in drug use that is either administered or condoned by faculty and media anger directed at innocent American Christian kids and you have a witches brew of the socialist revolution.
They've formulated a New Red Guard for 2 generations now.

Are you stupid?

Lets go back to the beginning, Columbine.

Kids bullied for being different freak out and slaughter their tormentors.

Fuck You and those evil shitlords. I was on Harris's account that night because we hacked it. There were 3 e-mails.

You can't blame their being evil on their victims, asshole.

You're a stupid shitlord lemming.
No, it's about reciprocation.

You reap what you sow.
Innocent children didn't sow being murdered by psycopathic fucktards, dumbshit.

WITH Clinton Assault-Weapon Ban compliant firearms and hand grenades.

Fuck You! :fu:

If you can't take being razzed a little, you're a pussy.

Murdering innocent people because of it makes you a bigger pussy.

Maybe the alphabet agencies should be watching you for being sympathetic to their causes.
1. Senator Biden said that integrated schools were a "jungle."

2. Tik Tok had a competition telling kids to destroy school toilets.

3. Some kids are proud of their mayhem, and hope to get their 15 minutes of fame by appearing in social media videos.

4. President Obama's administration forbade students to be suspended for defiance, for most suspended students belonged to two certain races.

5. Kids notice that anything goes nowadays. They see flash mobs cleaning out stores, so they reason that they can create mayhem in schools and nothing will happen to them.

6. "Liberals" have gotten control of the schools, and prioritize feelings, instead of teaching the 3 R's.

White christian nationalism is definitely a part of that.

As Christians we are demanded to hate evil.

People like Hitler should have been hung.

Question is, what do we do with Leftists today who sing along with Hitler, "Gas the Jews" at Left wing colleges across the country?
Social media. It infects young people like a disease, and they are all day every day exposed to it unfettered and have unadulterated access to the worlds perverts, ignorant and hateful people. They pay more attention to others lives than their own.

Disregard for American morals, values, pride and standards.

Public displays of disrespect, biased, hatred, intolerance, and bias by the MSM, public figures and politicians towards police, white people, christians, conservatives and so on. Those public displays tell Americans that it's ok to hate others.

Disregard for the nuclear family. A mother, a father and their children. As that dynamic disappears you see children raised improperly.

Political correctness, forced diversity, and racism disguised as anti racism have hampered institutions including schools to the point they can't enforce rules on children, hold them accountable or punish them.

Radiclization of anger. Politicians and the news constantly talk about anger. They glorify it when it serves their needs, and they glorify it when it happens against them in order to condemn their enemies or justify their actions.

We raise soft, weak willed, pussy ass bitch kids. We don't enforce rules, don't demand personal responsibility, don't teach morals and standards. We tell them all nothing is their fault and how amazing and special they are.

We encourage dumb, thug, gang, ghetto mentality. We let it thrive so kids see it everywhere on social media, they listen to mind numbing music glorifying it, and so on.

There are dozens of reasons why all of the sudden school violence ramped up a lot. It wasn't anything like this 10 years ago. So basically all of America's current problems are because of everything that has changed in the past 10 years because up till 10 years ago we had 100 years free of these problems so it's obvious something changed.

Is it White Christian Nationalism?

If not, what other societal ill could possibly be causing this?


They do all the right things these days, they teach their gender theories, their race theories, they ban the Bible, yet we see kids acting like animals.

What gives?
It is people like you perfectly willing on a whim to stir up hatred and violence against Whiteds, and Christians and Nationalists.
When your kind dies the world breathes easier.

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