We could lose 20% of small businesses.


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Jul 11, 2011
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Chicago, Chicago, that Toddling Town
Amazing how Trump and the Corporations caused this disaster when this disaster has been in the making for decades.

Trump did open the doors to China that was Nixon!

Trump did not sign the first trade deal with China!
the Covid-19 disaster has nothing to do with trade with China. The disease would have gotten here regardless. Funny thing about Viruses, they don't care what race or nationality you are.

As for Covid-19 and it outbreak the fact is the Government of China is the cause of the outbreak and spread and no one else no matter how much you lie and spin about it!

China closing of it manufacturing and tourism caused the markets to crash and the rest is just your spin based on lies.
Stop blaming poor China because they handled this thing better than Trump did.

China is poorer, has less infrastructure, greater population density and they STILL managed to contain this thing to once province.

Trump dragged his feet, talked it down, gave awful advice about non-existent vaccines and quack treatments, we STILL don't have the whole country on lockdown..

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