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US citizen need a visa to enter some countries because US accept illegal immigrants


Oct 18, 2012
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Did you know that US citizens need to apply visa to enter some "advanced countries" while citizens of those countries don't need visa to enter U.S.? Why is U.S. treated as a second-world-class country?

Because while all the other "advanced western countries" are deporting every single illegal immigrants and ensuring their countries are full of people of "good charactor", U.S.A. allows dishonest smarties to make their fortune and fulfill their "American dreams". This way the world "downgraded" USA. Those countries do not want these "bad seeds " to enter their countries and harm their own people, as their government care about their people.

Sadly, some Americans are so confused about what is right and what is wrong. All they want is money and a more comfortable lifestyle, even means a disgraceful shortcut path. They seem to have the same value like those illegal immigrants.

How about well-being? Where is fairness and justice? What is right and wrong? Doesn't U.S. still want to be the world leader? For that we need to be a good example. Now, look how the world see us.

Please look at the fact, see how massy U.S. is: Everyday there are countless visa applications submitted using fake personal documents obtained from foreign countries by bribing local government officials. U.S. Immigration has no sufficient fund to hire enough officers to do the verification (they can only look at what is submitted, and you know, fake qualification and work experience always looks better).

So, if one's application is denied, he/she can always apply again, as another person, from another state, submit to another U.S. Consulate, until he/she gets the visa. (They laugh at US immigration, thinking "Americans are so stupid, they believe whatever they are told").

Next step is to graduate from some really good school (using all methods, you know what), and marry a US citizen (caucasian), have children, pay tax, make friends with the rich and powerful, send children to best private school, charity...who's going to suspect them? They are immediately middle class striving to become the wealthy one. You know, in this country, you are encouraged to climb to the top, from nothing, with no proper family education (including moral standard).

Lawyers will tell you that "by law, they can still be deported because they used fake documents". In reality, ICE officer will tell you that it can be very difficult to prosecute them, "due to US immigration law". Trust me, there are many many "elite US citizens" like this out there in this country. They are regarded as the "rich and successful" - the role model of our society.

You think these bold immigrants are going to be law-abiding and do everything to benefit America at large during their gold-digging advanture in US? You wish! They study every single pitfall of our legislations, and use them for their own benefits. Many of them make big money quick by taking advantage of trusting Americans, send the profit to their own parents and relatives in overseas (co-operate with their government to lobby White House). They use their innocent spouse to do the dirty work, teach their children how to "succeed in U.S.", send them to the best universities, make friends with the rich and powerful, teaching the society "American dream is all about wealth and success" (not through decent acts), convincing Americans that "law is nothing but humanity" (they use law to rip off others), and ENSURE U.S. law will protect illegal immigrants!!!

While all these had been taken place for decades, the vast majority of Americans still think illegal immigrants are just some poor and uneducated mum and dad from the third world, filling up low-paid job vacancies in which local are not interested.
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