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Ukrainian Pol Wants Investigation Into Ukraine’s Alleged Pro-Clinton Election Interference


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Aug 4, 2015
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Ukrainian Pol Wants Investigation Into Ukraine’s Alleged Pro-Clinton Election Interference

"Following reports of collusion between Ukrainian government officials and Democratic National Committee (DNC) operatives, a Ukrainian member of Parliament is calling for a criminal investigation into alleged “illegal interference” in the 2016 US presidential election.

Ukranian MP Andrei Derkach requested the meeting in a July 24 letter to Ukraine’s prosecutor general. Derkach claims the alleged meddling has damaged US-Ukraine relations. Only a transparent and thorough investigation into the unlawful interference of Ukrainian officials with the U.S. election campaign can restore the trust of our strategic partner,” Derkach wrote in the letter.

A veteran DNC operative who previously worked in the Clinton White House, Alexandra Chalupa, worked with Ukrainian government officials and journalists, both from Ukraine and America, to dig up Russia-related opposition research on Donald Trump and then-campaign chair Paul Manafort. She also shared her anti-Trump research with both the DNC and the Clinton campaign...

Derkach wrote in his letter that the “illegal interference” was “organized by a criminal organization” that included senior government officials."


We can only hope they call for Hillary Clinton to testify before the Ukrainian Govt...

Even better - maybe they will charge her with a crime and request extradition.

Bwuhahahaha..... :p




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Jun 21, 2014
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Kievan Rus'
Official Kiev is only worrying about the relationship with US because that's where the money comes to Ukraine and shortly after it comes it's stolen.

However Ukraine doesn't mind to scrape some money even from US enemies like NK.

NYT a few days ago:
North Korea’s success in testing an intercontinental ballistic missile that appears able to reach the United States was made possible by black-market purchases of powerful rocket engines probably from a Ukrainian factory. Government investigators and experts have focused their inquiries on a missile factory in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Experts believe it is the most likely source of the engines that in July powered the two ICBM tests, which were the first to suggest that North Korea has the range, if not necessarily the accuracy or warhead technology, to threaten American cities.
North Korea’s Missile Success Is Linked to Ukrainian Plant, Investigators Say

Official Kiev already called NYT Kremlin agent.:cuckoo:

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