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U.S. Auto Sales Up One-Third After GOP/Tea-Party Opposed Stimulus!


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Feb 22, 2009
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Stimulus-related tax refunds are running about ten percent over last year, New Jobless Claims are dropping--and more-so without the seasonal adjustment upward, and now even GM is back in the lead of total U. S. Market Share. Year-over-last-year, which was March: New car sales are up over a third! Detroit soon enough will be employed!

News Headlines

For months the Tea Party, and its GOP, have been complaining about the Obama Stimulus, required because of the Tea Policy, and its GOP, caused economic mega-failure.

Since the Tea Party, and its GOP, clearly intentionally caused the arithmetic meltdown--creating fear and panic among the more incompetent business management groupies--then soon enough anyone can expect that the public opinion polls will again show the Tea Party, and its GOP, perceived in the more clearly lunatic fringe, minority group context, that no one employed will vote for.

The Tea Party, which is of the GOP, supported the knee-deep bungling from the start--and in fact probably going back to the infamous, "Reagan Trajectory," from which the Democrats have had to emerge again. Characteristically, the Ivy League Democrats in fact did Reagan, Terms I & II, and Bush I, Term I, all over again. This time instead of just the federal, "business" contractors: The Preservative Stimulus spending also propped up the arithmetic-computed, bloated bureaucracies, of state and local governments.

Now there is refund money, and another jobs bill, and so the Democrats can even get poised to reinvent the New Deal, of actual workplace economics.

Economists, such as they are, had lampooned QIV GDP as inventory bloated. Now anyone sees where that all went. A lot of it went out the front door of the auto dealer showrooms of America!

And that is what the Tea Party, and its GOP, opposed, and Opposes!

The lunatics are not too likely to be people that everyone wants in office again! The United Nations, UNMOVIC, provided a complete and comprehensive report of surprise and high tech inspections of 350 sites in Iraq: And found no Weapons of Mass Destruction, and found an Iraq, concerned about Iran, in willing new compliance with the United Nations.

The bumbling Tea Party, and its GOP, summarily rejected the findings of the high-skilled, high-tech, UN inspection, delegation: And went even with violations of the war authorization act: And commenced a basis-free, "Shock and Awe!" Even that became a protracted occupation, clearly intended to kill off Americans, destabilize the region, turn attention away from the nuclear intentions of Iran, and create 2.0 mil. refugees to boot.

And its only April's Fools Day!

Because of the Democrats, and of the Obama Administration: This April 15 became true Income Tax Freedom day for the Refundable Tax Credit Filers, under the National COLA-like program, of "Make Work Pay."

Auto Dealerships all probably think it works, unlike what they had before!

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Bring April to Casinos! Many Squaws Now Play at money machines, even in State Where Senator Reid is from!)
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