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Turkey and the So-called Palestiniains


Jun 29, 2011
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Turkey vociferously supports a PallyLand state, but, Turkey has enough skeletons in its closets to fill a mansion, from the denial of its complicity in the genocide of 1 million Armenians to a plethora of severe human rights abuses and criminal governmental activity, such as Turkey's 20-year illegal blockade of Armenia [Turks' clearly don't like Armenians] and Turkey's illegal occupation of Cyprus. Turkey has also aligned itself with other rogue states like Iran, Syria and even Sudan which is perpetrating the ongoing genocide of millions of men, women and children in Darfur and southern Sudan.

The list of abuses by Turkey and their citizens, Turkeys, is too lengthy to list fully, however, why do Turkeys who post here about so-called Palestinians and about Israel not clean up their own country's black marks? Why does Turkey's head Turkey Erdogan not end his country's human rights violations and illegal blockades and occupations of others' countries instead of trying to deflect attention to the so-called Palestinians?

Here, just a few blights against Turkey and Turkeys...

US condemns Turkey for Turks' role in genocide of 1 million Armenians and Turkey's denial of the Armenian holocaust
Over Turkish protests, House panel calls killing of Armenians 'genocide'

Turkey's Illegal Blockade of Armenia
Congressman Adam Schiff : 2008 : Schiff Introduces Bill Urging End to Turkish Blockade of Armenia

In an annual report released on Thursday, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), the top judicial body to rule on human rights violations in Europe, found that Turkey is by far the worst violator of human rights among the 47 signatory states of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Human rights violations in Turkey « European Court of Human Rights

US criticizes 'human rights violations' in Turkey
Unlawful killings, poor prison conditions, excessively long trials and limits on freedom of expression are among the alleged human-rights violations in Turkey that the U.S. State Department denounced in a recent report.

“Security forces committed unlawful killings; the number of arrests and prosecutions in these cases was low compared to the number of incidents, and convictions remained rare,” the State Department said late Friday in the section devoted to Turkey in its annual report on the status of human rights throughout the world.

U.S. officials also commented on the recent arrests of Turkish journalists, which came too late to be included in this report, saying they would be monitored and addressed in next year’s survey.

During the year human-rights organizations reported cases of torture, beatings and abuse by security forces. Prison conditions improved but remained poor, with overcrowding and insufficient staff training,” the State Department said in its 2010 human-rights report.

“The overly close relationship between judges and prosecutors continued to hinder the right to a fair trial. Excessively long trials were a problem. The government limited freedom of expression through the use of constitutional restrictions and numerous laws,” the State Department said.

“Press freedom declined during the year. There were limitations on Internet freedom. Courts and an independent board ordered telecommunications providers to block access to Web sites on numerous occasions,” it said in the report. “Violence against women, including honor killings and rape, remained a widespread problem.”

US criticizes 'human rights violations' in Turkey - Hurriyet Daily News

Human Rights Watch: Turkey does not protect rights of Kurds and women and places restrictions on internet
Turkey: Make Rights Reform a Priority | Human Rights Watch

Journalists detained in Turkey Without Due Process
Journalists held without due process in Turkey - Committee to Protect Journalists

Turkey's Occupation of Cyprus
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uvGnmpgzfg]The Turkish Invasion of Cyprus - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcRTbALahIU]George Eugeniou denounces Turkey's occupation of Cyprus - YouTube[/ame]
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