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Trump Supporters: Why can't Immigrants and Illegals follow the rules?


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Dec 31, 2010
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Why can't Immigrants and Illegals follow the rules?

There's widespread anger that too many immigrants are simply "getting away" with not playing by the rules at the expense of hard-working white Americans. Why do some people not pay taxes? Not have jobs? Come into the country illegally?
On October 21, a line had begun to form outside the Burlington Memorial Auditorium in southeast Iowa by mid-afternoon. Trump, at the time topping national and Iowa polls, was scheduled to speak at 6 p.m.
One of the people waiting in line -- a woman in her 30s named Norma Sweet -- stood out. She appeared to be the only non-white person waiting for Trump.
Sweet was there with her husband, Terry Sweet, who is more than 30 years her senior. They said Norma came to the country 13 years ago from the Philippines and that she has been a citizen for 8 years. Speaking with a CNN reporter, Terry proudly pointed to his wife as an example of immigration done "correctly."
"It's not fair to her to let the illegals stay here. She does everything right. She works, she pays taxes, she votes," he said.
The couple said they both planned to vote for Trump.
This sentiment -- that too many immigrants are bending the rules and even have a leg up on American-born citizens -- is widespread among Trump supporters, despite laws that bar illegal immigrants from receiving benefits such as welfare, food stamps and Medicaid. These individuals have drawn comfort from Trump's hardline immigration stance and his vow to create a system in which "no one is above the law."
A November CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation survey captured the white frustration around race that Trump is tapping into. A majority of whites have a fundamentally different view of whether the federal government should ensure income equality between whites and minorities: 57% of whites said this was not the government's burden, but a majority of African-Americans (67%) and Hispanics (63%) said it was.

Paul Weber of Appleton, Iowa, describing himself as "kind of a redneck" at an October Trump rally in Waterloo, said he was tired of the so-called "new Americans" flooding the country.
"The people that are coming in here from China, Indonesia and all of them countries, they're getting pregnant and coming here and having babies," Weber said, telling an Asian reporter that he meant no offense. "They get everything and the people that were born here can't get everything."
A woman named Deena from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, attending a Trump rally there in late November made the following analogy about illegal immigration.

But some of these same individuals are also quick to emphasize tthat their deep concerns about illegal immigration don't necessarily make them anti-immigrant.
Sherry Schnell, a "big fan" of Trump even before he decided to run for president, said she was in favor of both a wall along the Mexico border and more immigrants.
"If we have them all come in, they've all been inspected and they've all gone through the rules and regulations to become a citizen, I want more," Schnell said at a Trump rally in Sarasota. "The more the merrier."

Why I'm voting for Donald Trump - CNNPolitics.com


Nov 25, 2015
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"Why can't Immigrants and Illegals follow the rules?"
Because no one is enforcing the "rules"...we are enabling them.

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