Trump supporter defends Clinton in new FBI email review

Dale Smith

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Sep 10, 2015
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Dallas, Texas
will the pasty faced deplorables now call their hero a rino?

Former Rep. Joe Walsh believes it’s “unfair” that the FBI is calling for a new investigation to review Hillary Clinton’s emails so close to Election Day

Trump supporter defends Clinton in new FBI email review
650,000 emails on the Weiner's laptop has led to this and especially after the "white hats" within the agency were incensed and threatening mutiny over the fact that Hiltey wasn't prosecuted for sending top secret documents over an unsecured server that people of lesser status have done serious jail time...THAT is what led to this. I am utterly STUNNED that given the revelations of the Wikileaks e-mails and the revelations of Project Veritas that has proven a conspiracy to rig this election from coast to coast hasn't woke up the masses to the fact that we do not have a legitimate government and that everything is based on lies and corruption. The owners of USA.INC finance this fraud in order to give the uneducated "moron millions" the impression that they actually have a voice about which corrupt party rules over them. This isn't system for the people and by the can the masses not see that when it is put right in their faces????

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