Trump is a convicted felon. Now what?

Convicted felon" does not trump "twice impeached." They are equally meaningless.
Democrats degrading the meaning the phrase Convicted Felon.

Let's repeat it 34 times.

Include saying Convicted Felon 34 times in all of our prayers to Satan.

Catholics must say 3 Hail Marys, 2 Our Fathers, and 34 Convicted Felons.
Imagine the mental handicaps required to spend half of one's time crying like a little bitch about a "rigged trial" and vowing revenge...

... then spending the rest of the time saying it means nothing at all and is actually a victory for Trump.

Do these people have to be reminded which hole their food goes in? It's astounding.
“Trump is a convicted felon. Now what?”

Among other things, if Trump still has his guns and carry permit, he’ll be required to surrender them now that he’s a prohibited person.

The Secret Service has guns and no one will take those away. Does Incest Joe carry?
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a'hole dems kneel for dead Floyd A FELON...who no doubt still votes and has a gun permit
The funny thing about 1. See the scarf these dorks are wearing and 2. Pelosi couldn't get up till one of her aids came to help her. LOLLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
So? This has jack to do with the topic...I guess you've shifted into full-troll mode...again?

Well..not much..election-wise:


Yes. The U.S. Constitution only requires that presidents be at least 35 years old and natural-born U.S. citizens who have lived in the country for 14 years.
In theory, Trump could be sworn in from jail or prison on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2025, if he were to unseat Biden.
Strange that a felony conviction denies one the ability to participate through voting but not participating through running for office.

This should be addressed at some point.

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