Trump Goes Viral With Tom Petty Classic: Joe Biden And The Alzheimers "Keeps Falling'"

Dude's live in Minnessotta right meow:

Oh the racism.


Trump is competing in MN????

They told me everyone hated him.

"They" meaning the embarrassingly rotund, complacent and worn out mainstream media and Democrats who want to pretend they're still the center of the authoritative universe.


Ain't been 2014 for quite some time.

I love this period of political/cultural upheaval.

Better than being a buncha Leftist cucks. ;)
Biden is like an emaciated, retarded Dr. Evil.

Don't wanna insult Michael Meyer's role of yore.

But what an evil fucking clown.
CNN says Donald Trump has more than DOUBLED his black support.

Obviously CNN are Far Right conspiracy-laden Russian assets.

In St. Louis the city officials were kicking out BLACK AMERICAN C-I-T-I-Z-E-N-S from their dwellings because they could not afford the increases in rent. Then the city officials turned around & let illegal aliens live in those dwellings FOR FREE!!! Those statist left city officials stabbed our black LEGAL CITIZENS in the back. Can anyone blame the blacks that are now pulling away in numbers from the statist left marxinazi profe$$ional politician$??? Like sweet Jesus how could it get more corrupt???

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