Trump appears to have been done in by.......pardon the pun........

....a Pecker.

Not the oddly shaped one described by Stormy, his porn star paramour, the one he used to schtoink her. But rather his buddy Dave. Maybe former buddy?

One of the more uncomfortable things Dave testified to was his concern that catching and killing the Karen McDougal story might violate campaign finance law. He was so concerned he consulted a number of attorneys on the matter. When the prosecution asked him if after those conversations he concluded buying Karen's story would be a bad idea, he answered yes. Why?

Because in answer to a previous question..........."Were you aware that expenditures by a corporation made for the purpose of influencing an election at the request of a candidate are illegal?".......he similarly answered yes. Hmmmmmmmm.

No wonder he didn't want Trump, through Cohen, to reimburse him for the cash paid to Karen. No wonder when it came time to pay Stormy he refused. Which set in motion the process of Cohen setting up an LLC to hide the payments to Daniels for which Trump reimbursed him. And subsequently the falsified financial documents Bragg has charged Don with creating.

As an aside, I can't help feeling a little bad for Karen. She seems to be remorseful for her part in an adulterous affair and genuinely duped in to thinking Don cared for her and not just her vajayjay.
Violating campaign finance law:

Funny, no criminal charges among them. Gee, I wonder why?

Because they’re reporting errors and not crimes.

The Clinton campaign never tried to hide the fact that their lawyers hired Fusion GPS to obtain oppo research for them.

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