Top South Carolina Dem Compares Hillary to Putin

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Nov 17, 2009
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Las Vegas, Nevada
He left the Senate last year, disgusted by the gridlock in Washington. Dick Harpootlian, a Democratic elder statesman in South Carolina, wants Webb to run.

“The inevitability mantle that Hillary Clinton wears so heavily, as it did in 2008, ends up being a magnet for opposition,” he said. “She’s Vladimir Putin compared to Jim Webb or Martin O’Malley. Her access is controlled. The message is controlled.”

Webb, by contrast, was a “more moderate, saleable candidate” who was low-key, listened and wasn’t “insulated” from the public. “He didn’t come with a cadre of attachés and aides, he didn’t fly in on a private plane. You can’t campaign for president from 30,000ft,” Harpootlian said.

Jim Webb s Toughest Mission RealClearPolitics
Hillary Clinton is precisely the type of person the left claims they despise. She's an elitist one percenter with huge ties to Wall Street and a Bush style war monger who would continue to use America's military to fight everyone else's battle. So why is there so much support for her at this point in time?

One, everyone knows who she is. She's one of the most recognized people around the world so she leads so heavily in polls right now because of name recognition. If she decides to run that will change as the other candidates become better known.

Two, there is this very flawed idea among the devoted that she is a sure thing to win and at the end of the day it's party before country for the die hard partisans. They're willing to betray the ideals so many of them claim to believe in if it means another victory for their team, which is unfortunate considering their team should be their fellow Americans, not dishonest and dishonorable politicians.

I don't know if Jim Webb will ever be able to take off in his candidacy. While I don't agree with all of his positions he has always struck me as genuine and I would trust someone like him far more than I would ever trust a charlatan like Hillary Clinton who is the very embodiment of everything that is wrong with American politics today and the lemmings who would follow her right off a cliff.

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