To Jail Or Not To Jail, That Is The Question

Ummmmmmm, Schumer told the justices that they would "pay the price" for the Dobbs decision. Kamala Harris told pro-choice people that they should "fight like hell" (where have we heard that saying before?), the left say that the Supreme Court is broken and illegitimate, and lefty rhetoric caused a whacko to go to DC to kill a justice.
Did lefties break in and trash the SCOTUS?
Some are; some aren’t. Dershowitz is cherry-picking.

Actually he's not, if something a person involved in a trial that say something that actually causes harm to someone they can be prosecuted for that, but the supremes were unequivocal on "prior restraint", without proof lacking it, would cause someone irreconcilable harm, the judge is stepping on his dick. Me thinks you should have watch the complete video.

I found this from CNN, which I thought was very funny. CNN analyst Mark Preston and panel talked about civil unrest around the country if Trump were to be jailed, even for a short time, due to violating a gag order in the hush money case.

“If that were to happen, first of all, I think you would probably see civil unrest across the country, certainly in some cities. That’s one,” he said, highlighted by Mediaite. “And two, politically, if I’m the Biden campaign, I don’t want to necessarily see him in jail, because that’s just going to get people more inflamed and more fired up.”

And yet they are all too stupid to see what would happen if they found Trump criminally guilty and sentenced him to jail in this hush money case. Don't they think the same thing or worse would happen then, motivating his supporters even more to go out and vote for Trump? These guys are just so damned stupid.

It's all bluster. If Trump is incarcerated nothing will happen except some secret service folks will be bored as hell sitting around a jail cell watching Trump contemplate his navel.
Please, please, please put him in jail. Please. You want to guarantee his election. Please lock him up

I disagree. A substantial portion of moderate republicans stated they would not vote for Trump if he is convicted of a crime. But, if he is incarcerated, there would be immense pressure put on the VP to invoke the 25th amendment.
So what did trump say that was so bad even the first amendment should be ignored?

Intimidating jury, potential jurors, court personnel, officers, witnesses, etc., by a criminal defendant is not protected by the first amendment.
funny, you can't name an actual crime. You can say 91 indictments but those aren't crimes until he's proven guilty, so you are screwed with your own shit.

If he is found guilty of even some of those 91 indictments, will you say he is guilty of actual crimes.
Progs are shallow. No one pushes back. All of the protests they are smiling when abusing others like stopping traffic because they are not taken to task. The commie mayor of New York the other day has protesters against them for some reason and as they were led off the stage, one of them a woman who was smiling fell down when security was pushing them off it. For a couple of seconds, you saw her face before the video ended. It was not smiling. It looked somewhat perplexed.

Progressives are not a monolithic group. As a progressive myself, I do not support the illegal blocking of traffic and especially bridges. A majority of progressives feel this way.
The gag order must be limited to statements that can affect the integrity of the judicial process. It cannot prevent a defendant from publicly proclaiming his innocence.

Statements about Bragg and the Judge are not prohibited, it applies to court employees and employees of the prosecutor's office, witnesses and jurors, and the speech must be made with the intent to materially interfere with the process.

It is NOT a blanket order that says Trump has to remain silent about the case, and claiming every tweet from Trump violates the order is BS.

I don't think anyone is claiming 'every tweet', but some are.
None, there are no laws he's even close to have violated.
Trump has been getting away with shit for a long long time, the proverbial crows have come home to roost. He's committed a ton of crimes and he will be held accountable.
you just want to pay for double digit mortgages like under carter.
Who brought inflation down after time during those years?

Paul Volcker, Chairman of the Fed.

Who appointed Paul Volcker?

Jimmy Carter.

The tool the fed uses to tame inflation is to step on the breaks, which means raising interest rates. It's a temporary thing, it tames inflation then the interests rates can come back down. It's what Jerome Powell, is doing now. By the way, both Volkcer and Powell are Republicans.
Every judicial norm that could benefit the accused has been discarded so they can find some way... any way to prosecute Trump... and I don't care how much you hate him this is wrong....

Trump has been criming his entire life, and what is happening is that the law has finally caught up with him. now that it has, they are bending over backwards to treat him with kid gloves. Any other defendant in his shoes would have been lost their pretrial release privileges and would have been incarcerated pending trial.
Can’t jail without a fair trial. My opinion.

Trump won’t get a fair trial. Therefore, the man should not be thrown in jail.

You underestimate the judicial system. Most trial lawyers will tell you that once a jury is set, the vast majority of them take it seriously, that they have a civic duty to get it right, to apply the facts to the law, nothing more, nothing less, and let one's opinions stay at the door.
Not if he’s trying to influence the jury.

lol yet another silly claim by clueless commies. Hey, why not arrest his lawyers for doing their jobs by attempting to 'influencing the jury? Oh ... wait... the banana republic already does that. never mind.
Leftism is a mental disorder.

Deal with it.

Maybe that's why the bulk of criminal activity in the White House is committed by Republicans.


Deal with it.

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