The War on Trump Continues

Trump cannot win. 60% of Ameericans will vote for Biden before Trump. Thus, GOP candidates must attack Trump hard, viciously, and without mercy.

The GOP will lose the House, possibly lose more seats in the Senate; therefore, they can't lose the WH.
Trump cannot win. 60% of Ameericans will vote for Biden before Trump. Thus, GOP candidates must attack Trump hard, viciously, and without mercy.

The GOP will lose the House, possibly lose more seats in the Senate; therefore, they can't lose the WH.

If Trump loses the primary for any reason.....he snivels and whines and claims fraud.

And burns the GOP to the ground.

The War on Trump Continues

If the country was in good health politically it would be fine to have a heated primary. We are not.
12 Jun 2023 ~~ By Brian T. Kennedy

We are living in a political war the likes of which this country has never seen. Politics is always filled with lies and deceit. This is something different. The society-wide use of political narratives, gaslighting, and disinformation designed to confuse and disorient the American people is unprecedented. Now add to this the indictment of President Donald Trump on charges relating to classified documents—documents he had the unilateral constitutional authority to declassify at his own discretion—and we see the weaponization of government taken to new lows.
Let us first state the obvious. The presidency of Donald Trump revealed to the American people the corruption of our ruling class with striking clarity. Trump also revealed the nature of our enemies abroad. Because President Trump had the courage to stand up against both the political and financial elites who run the United States and the malfeasance of the Chinese Communist Party, a war was waged against his presidency, the American people, and our way of life.
For millions of Americans who believe in liberty and who believe this country can be saved—namely, the MAGA movement—Trump embodies the manly principles of independence. These Americans want Trump to be president again.

The War Against Trump

That Trump would even run for president again seems fanciful. The Durham report released in May reveals an American intelligence community that was well organized and determined to advance a sophisticated disinformation campaign against him. This campaign was not unlike those the U.S. government runs against foreign enemies of the United States. As a matter of high government policy, the Obama Administration disseminated falsehoods about Trump and the Russian government to undermine his chances of winning in 2016 and, after he won anyway, to bring down his presidency and undermine the political agenda for which he was elected.
These were not rogue actors behaving contrary to agency policy. These were the leaders of the intelligence community from CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Director James Comey, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. They established among intelligence operatives, the large number of so-called journalists that fancy themselves part of their apparatus, and members of Congress like Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) the false narrative that Donald Trump was somehow a traitor to his country.
With America in lockdown and its major cities on fire due to race riots, Americans were asked to believe that Joe Biden received almost 12 million more votes than did Barack Obama at his most popular. This, despite the fact he did not campaign and was surrounded by political supporters who believed America was a racist and immoral country, should defund the police, and that open borders—and a wave of illegal immigrants—was the only just policy to remake our society.
It requires a special kind of self-deception to believe that platform could have been a game-changer for so many Americans. Indeed, this is among the reasons 60 percent of the American electorate believes the 2020 election was stolen. Claims of a thorough investigation and showing election fraud “thoroughly debunked” are pure gaslighting. The Left openly boasted about an industrial level effort on the part of dark money groups to manufacture votes for Biden.

Is Trump Electable?

Some of what I have laid out might seem disqualifying. Who should run for president with the whole world standing against him? Who should run for president when one’s own party appears completely incompetent to challenge the radical Left? Who indeed?
In one sense it doesn’t matter whether Donald Trump wanted to run for re-election or not. The American people wanted him to run. For his people—the MAGA movement—he is the only thing standing between them and destruction for the American way of life.
The MAGA movement today has all the energy in American politics, made more so by this indictment. President Trump has captured the imagination of millions, perhaps tens of millions, of Americans who were not part of American political life for the past two decades. They are only engaged in American politics because of him.
Are There Alternatives to Trump?
Only one person, of course, stands as an alternative to President Trump: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He is indeed a good man and is the governor of an important state. DeSantis wishes to lead his country to recover American liberty. And he has proven in Florida that he can advance policies for the betterment of the working men and women of his state. His defense of American families and his keen desire to check the corrosive effects of woke corporatism are to be applauded at every turn. What the governor lacks is an understanding of the moment we are in and the power and loyalty of the MAGA movement.
The American people know Trump. A substantial portion of the American electorate loves Donald Trump. They watched him for 20 years on his television show “The Apprentice.” They saw him as president of the United States. They saw their real wages increase. They saw peace and prosperity. They saw a president making good on his promise to stop illegal immigration. They saw a president unapologetically on their side against the mainstream media and Communist China.

Trump Without the Baggage

But wouldn’t DeSantis be “Trump without the baggage?” This is a naïve way of looking at things. What baggage exactly are we talking about? If it is the lawfare being waged against Trump at an unprecedented level by the Department of Justice and New York state officials, that is a fair point. But what makes people so sure no lawfare will be waged against DeSantis? Is the governor somehow immune from this form of political warfare?
If by “baggage” the governor’s supporters mean Trump’s stance on a variety of issues, that is a different matter altogether. DeSantis and Trump share similar if not exact views on illegal immigration; that means they will both be called racist. They are both pro-life and pro-family which means they will both be “alienating” the ever elusive suburban white woman. There are differences between them, to be sure, but DeSantis is not so much “Trump without baggage” as “Trump without MAGA.”
In any event, if DeSantis supporters think the array of Marxist dark money groups that are already in operation throughout the country will not turn their guns on the governor because he is not Donald Trump, they are fools.

The Road Ahead

It must be said, however, that the odds of a Republican winning in 2024 and into the future are slim. The task is not insurmountable, but very difficult to be sure. No one should have any illusion otherwise, despite very favorable polls for Trump. There is a multibillion dollar political machine at work on behalf of the American Left, and aided by Communist China, which does not want to see an America First president in the White House. That political machine has a near lock on the six swing states Trump lost in 2020.
There is every reason to expect the 2024 election will be run just like the 2020 election. Indeed, it is likely to be conducted in an even more ruthless way simply because left-wing elected officials at both the federal and state levels, having crossed so many lines in pursuit of power, cannot risk a restoration of the rule of law. The political Right—most especially the Republican National Committee—has not built a political effort to ensure a fair election is possible. Whether one can be built in time is yet to be seen.
If the country was in good health politically it would be fine to have a heated primary. We are not. The country is coming apart and the time grows short in which we will be able to fix it. If it is going to be fixed it will not be by the Republican establishment, specifically current elected officials and the RNC. They would be more than happy to see Trump lose again.
Common sense would dictate now is the time to unite behind President Trump since he is the one man that has a chance of bringing enough political forces—most especially the MAGA movement—to bear on the crisis at hand. This will require organization the likes of which we have not seen before on the political Right. And it will require the blessings of Almighty God on the American people that they will rise up against the dark, demonic forces that have enveloped this world and corrupted so much of this country.

This is the most excellent thesis on present day politics I’ve read in a long time.
It would be best if people would read the whole piece before commenting.
As far as Democrats piling on Trump like no one else, it's what Democrats have done to Republican presidents no matter how nice they talk. Look at how they skewered Reagan. Then they were worse to Bush Sr. If you thought that was bad they were worse to Bob Dole, then even worse to Bush Jr. Then even worse to McCain, and then worse to Romney. Then even worse to Trump. No one accuses Reagan or the Bushes or McCain or Romney of meanie talk, yet the Dims got uglier and uglier with Republican presidents and candidates as the years went by. Thus, no one should expect the Dims to let up if the next Republican candidate is a new nice talker.
The starkness of the ideological divide portends the seriousness of our time. Failing to see the divide, to fail to swing against the other side with all one’s might, day in and day out, is to fail altogether.

You play with fire, you die from fire....

Trump can't hack the heat, so he gets his minions to go out there and moan that Trump just isn't able to play the game.

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