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The Soccer Star*


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Sep 22, 2013
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One last soccer-themed anti-terrorism vignette, inspired by a terrific modern film Munich (Eric Bana)! Thanks for reading,



There have been many great national men's soccer teams who've participated gloriously at the symbolic World Cup international soccer tournament, which is held once every four years. England, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany, among a few others, have all excelled, producing timeless legends such as Zidane, Maradona, Ronaldo, Rossi, Villa, and Muller. However, more than any other nation, Argentina has produced the most heart-stopping showcase of skill and swiftness, combining great team-play with immaculate star-play. This was the case during the 1986 World Cup when Maradona became a legend and even the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics, when the new age Argentine soccer-stars Messi and Tevez helped their country grab the coveted Gold Medal! Argentina has therefore become as synonymous with competitive soccer celebrity as the Chicago Bulls have in the NBA (USA) and the Indian men's cricket team in World Cup cricket. This has made Argentina the team to watch almost every World Cup, since no one ever really counts them out!


Enter a radical new personality, a real sentinel of the world, named Amlan Satan ('AS'). AS, an Algerian-American, graduated from the Ivy League (USA) before being recruited by the CIA to become an underground operative in Belfast (Northern Ireland), building key bridges between Sinn Fein and the IRA and British Parliament to secure non-terrorist methods to obtain more socioeconomic privileges for the Irish Catholic minority living in Belfast in the modern UK. AS had the code-name 'Green Shadow' ('GS') while working with IRA/Parliament and was now involved in an anti-terrorist mission to curb World Cup threats in Argentina! AS/GS had to join the Argentina national team to become an undercover agent. He wanted to continue his work to help Sinn Fein secure communications with Parliament in this new age of commercial globalization politics so that world networking would not be destabilized by the deformity of modern terrorism and retaliatory police violence in the troubled areas of Northern Ireland and the Middle East. AS/GS had to integrate himself through channels to be recruited by the Argentina men's national soccer team as an unrecognized 'street-talent' recognized by the national team head-coach Thomas Teves. AS had to make himself look and seem 'Argentine' by heritage and identity so he'd be welcomed into the national team locker-room. He had to become a real world soccer character. He was ready!


AS found a great fan in Argentina, a female Argentine soccer fan named Eliza Aimar. She found his skills to be so interesting, and AS had developed this special and unique 'flair' for soccer while playing as a youngster while growing up in Algeria. Eliza fell in love with AS, and he with her, and they got married. Now, AS had an Argentine wife in Eliza, but he wasn't ready or secured enough to disclose to her his full identity and work-profile and his important mission during the World Cup. Eliza simply cheered on her dashing husband who steadily scored goals through the tournament as the team's standout winger and rotating midfielder, creating glorious offensive striker coordinations and carefully-placed diagonal through-balls that had sports-critics comparing him to the likes of Pablo Aimar and Mario Kempes. Eliza was so proud of AS.


Meanwhile, as the sports-critics predicted that Argentina would square off against Spain in the World Cup final, a rogue terrorist axis originating in Europe and comprised mostly of rogue IRA and rogue PLO terrorists, ex-communicated by their own underground groups, decided to align themselves with the Spanish anarchist-terrorist group ETA to declare their intention to create terrorist strikes during the World Cup. AS (Amlan Satan) was aware of this very threat, which is why he was now working/playing as the undercover Argentina men's national soccer team standout player Pablo Veron. The ETA-aligned super-terrorist alliance sent a declaration to the press, stating, "If Spain meets Argentina in the World Cup final, we'll set off an explosion if Pablo Veron helps his nation defeat ours on the world stage on global TV!" This was an apocalyptic stand to denounce new age terror.


Of course, AS/GS knew from his days of work for the CIA/P-IRA in Belfast (Northern Ireland), that the Irish struggle was centuries old and was neglected despite the weight of the civilization-disturbing inter-religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics, the two dominant denominational groups in the modern Christian global community, because of the prioritization of the petroleum-politics of the more covered inter-religious world problem regarding Israel-Palestine. In Belfast, Irish republican sympathizers remembered the glorious days of Michael Collins and Dublin's successful independence from British rule in the early 20th Century, but they now worried about the new brands of terrorism and retaliatory police violence in Northern Ireland which would create an eerie shadow over the reality of Protestant-Catholic troubles. AS/GS knew while working with the CIA in Belfast that this Protestant-Catholic division would scar European and UK history and lead to cynicism regarding inter-religious bridgework and cooperation. He didn't want the monumental work of Irish patriots like Michael Collins to be overshadowed by new age terror.


World sports were not unfamiliar with terrorism. During the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich (Germany), PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) terrorists took Israeli athletes hostage in what was considered a world disaster. Now, AS/GS hoped to work/play as the undercover Argentine soccer-star Pablo Veron during the World Cup and help an Argentina victory cement a global attitude towards the marketing of sports and international activities as anti-terrorism and anti-violence platforms that would bring the world closer together in this new age of networking and great capital dreams (e.g., European Union!). Pablo Veron (AS/GS) was now standing alongside his newfound Argentina soccer team pals and Argentine wife Eliza Aimar as Argentina hoped to defeat its greatest tournament rival and threat, Spain.


AS/GS had a daughter from a previous marriage in Belfast (Northern Ireland). She was the daughter of Shelbye Collins, officer of the P-IRA and delegate to Sinn Fein and friend of Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams. Shelbye's daughter, Teresa Collins, was the daughter of Shelbye's killed Irish husband, Evan Collins. Now, Teresa was the step-daughter of Amlan Satan ('Green Shadow') and followed him to the World Cup to cheer for her dad without him knowing. Teresa knew her dad was CIA and was working undercover and kept his identity a secret, but AS decided to change his hair and donned a mustache and put on some skin-masking cosmetics to make himself look different so no one would recognize him at all! Teresa wanted to see her dad achieve goals for Argentina during the World Cup while playing undercover as the soccer team player 'Pablo Veron' and helping the countries secure a peaceful tournament and avoid the nasty threat of terrorism!


The day of the final came, and it was indeed going to be Spain to face Argentina in the World Cup final. AS/GS ('Pablo Veron') knew he wanted to utilize Argentina's main striking-prodigy Leo Messi to create some terrific but quiet assist-goals and through-ball goals which would secure a handsome score-victory without creating too much loud drama that would incite the crowds and possibly also the ETA-aligned terrorists who'd threatend terrorism if Spain lost the game because of Pablo Veron's wizardry. Indeed, AS/GS ('Pablo Veron') had managed to use the gifted Leo Messi to produce some outstanding but subtle through-ball assist-goals to help Argentina secure a handsome final-score victory over Spain by the tally of 5-4. Messi and Pablo (AS/GS) hoisted the World Cup trophy together for the television reporters after the awesome victory, as Veron's wife (Eliza Aimar) and daughter (Teresa Collins) cheered in the crowds. AS/GS didn't know Teresa was in the crowd cheering!


No one, especially AS/GS didn't want the repeat tragedy of Munich '72 and hoped this Argentina victory at the World Cup would simply be tallied as an outstanding example of entertaining televised international sports activity. After Pablo Veron (AS/GS) hoisted the trophy for the television reporters with Messi, he quickly ran to the microphone on the field and put on a balaclava-mask and pulled out a handgun hidden in his body and declared, "This victory was achieved for Argentina on behalf of anti-terrorist forces hoping to celebrate world sports as activities of great peace, and I now dare any ETA-aligned terrorist threatening violence because of Spain's defeat to come out and address me publicly and proclaim their rationale to destroy global sports in the name of anti-globalization violence!" The crowds were stunned but relieved when it was obvious that world security forces were involved in the security at the World Cup and that 'Pablo Veron' was actually an agent of world intelligence/security! The crowds, including Eliza Aimar and Teresa Collins, were eager to see no repeat here of Munich '72.


Well, AS/GS made his loud proclamation and no ETA-aligned terrorist stepped up to meet the televised challenge after the World Cup trophy ceremony on the field that glorious day. Afterwards, the Argentine men's national head-coach said in the press-conference, "We thought Pablo Veron was an Argentine, but it turns out he was some kind of CIA agent working through the UK or Northern Ireland and working against the ETA-aligned terrorists at the World Cup, which was a great joy to our players including our scoring MVP Leo Messi who helped us secure this symbolic world-stage peaceful triumph for Argenina." AS/GS was given a commendation by his CIA superiors and was relieved to find his wife Eliza and daughter Teresa safe and was satisfied his 'unique method' of disclosure had produced the kind of heroism which successfully subdued any camouflage-shock they might've harbored without knowledge! AS/GS also thanked his head-coach for all this cooperation that facilitated this outspoken deed of anti-terrorism drama, which was of course televised!


The Argentine fans of their national soccer team presented AS/GS with a gift-set of action-figure miniature dolls, hand-crafted, to express their thanks for helping their country secure a symbolic world-peace victory and further highlight their love of soccer and what it means for modern anti-terrorism rhetoric! AS/GS had become their special 'James Bond' superhero. AS/GS was happy to disclose all this secret work to his daughter Teresa and wife Eliza and now looked forward to a hastened retirement to hopefully raise a happy and healthy family in America. Eliza and Teresa were both thrilled to move to the USA with Amlan and kept the doll-gift set presented by Argentina to him as a symbolic token of thanks!


AMLAN: I didn't want the World Cup to become another ledger in the history of anti-globalization violence and terrorism that goes back all the way to Nazi Germany arguably! This was a terrific event for world soccer and Argentine courage and pride. Hopefully, the world intelligence community will now be able to use valuable obtained leads to track this new super-terrorist group and avoid future acts of undesirable (and unholy) violence.


If you were Amlan Satan ('Green Shadow'), would you have been able to do what he was able to do for world soccer? Would you be able to stand against such an unpredictable threat of world-stage terrorism? What has 9/11 taught you about the value of working as a team to downplay the realistic threat to new age hellfire? Will 'Pablo Veron' be remembered as a true soccer star in the annals of world Dianetics? What do you think?


"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 5)

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