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M14 Shooter

The Light of Truth
Sep 26, 2007
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Where I can see you, but you can't see me
You cannot demonstrate the necessity or efficacy of this.
But, you know this.
Other nations do and they don’t have monthly massacres.
We don’t and we have The massacres.
Those are nice post-hoc fallacies you have there - as such, they do nothing to demonstrate the necessity and efficacy of what you claim we "need".
Try again?
I call it truth. Because it is the truth
Ah. You don't know what "post hoc fallacy" means.
Or you do, and you don't care.
You seem fuzzy on the recent history so you throw some latin on the screen and think that will make up for your ignorance. It is funny.
Fact remains:
You cannot demonstrate the necessary relationship between the gun laws of those "other nations" and the fact they do not have "massacres".
Someone offered you a post-hoc fallacy and you, intellectually incurious as always, swallowed it down whole.

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