The Rock Asks trump "Where Are You?"


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Mar 6, 2016
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we buy all his movies. well, not ever again. I had no idea he was so ignorant.


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Nov 28, 2011
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I have never seen any of his movies. I might check them out now.

I watched this video and can't agree with him more.

When you reach your hand out to help, when you become the leader we need, everyone will rise up with you. Everyone will join you. Just as we have in the past. No matter what party the president was. When our leader steps up to help, take responsibility and lead this nation, we have always risen with him and we came back stronger than before.

For the first time, we don't have that leader. Even the bush boy stepped up, pulled out that bullhorn and told the nation that he heard us and soon the terrorists will hear from all of us. Not this president.

I know all you far right wingers will now hate The Rock and call him names but it doesn't negate what he says. He's right.

He is free to his opinion but, as a businessman, I would ask him where his head is at? “Republicans buy sneakers, too” - Michael Jordan. You are an athlete, entertainer, a product. If that’s me, I want both Trump and Biden supporters buying me. Picking one over the other overtly and siding with a camp only diminishes your potential market.
It's amazing isn't it ?? You can't make the crap up I tell ya. So many careers ruined because the dumb aces were told to tow the lines, and bring politic's into the situation, and that's when they get turned on in the worse way imaginable. Anyone following the demoncrats are crazy, but when the demon calls, they owe their success to him, so they just walk right off the end of the plank for the demon's who are controlling them.

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