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Oct 11, 2016
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Washington, DC
The Real Story Behind The FCC Sex Scandal

From the Forbes story linked above we learn that a woman working at the FCC office in charge of making it harder for white Christian native-born males to succeed (Office for Communications Business Opportunities) claims she "was subjected to a hostile work environment due to management inaction when a male coworker repeatedly invited other male coworkers to watch porn with him in the cubicle adjacent to hers, from which she would 'hear groans – mmm, mmm, ahh – in response to the pornography viewings,' while having one 'stand guard looking for her.'"

While white Christian native-born males struggling to succeed under an onerous tax burden may be wondering why we are paying people to watch porn, the white Christian native-born male Forbes writer was concerned that "in today’s environment of heightened concern regarding gender issues, these allegations should have raised red flags about the prevailing institutional culture at the FCC and prompted swift remedial action."

The director of the OCBO's inaction may be attributable to being preoccupied having sex in his office with a Washington Post reporter, which Director Thomas Reed recently admitted in another scandal. Because Mr. Reed has "worked extensively with some of the nation's largest organizations that advocate for women and minority-owned business and is a regular commentator on disadvantaged business enterprise certification procedures", i.e., knows how to play the system, white Christian native-born American males chip in to pay him a hefty salary to advocate against them when they're not paying him to throw sex parties.

The irony is thick and delicious, here, of course, but the fact that the Forbes reporter didn't see the need to defend his own is troubling.

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