The President’s State of the Union Speech Missed the Mark, Especially on Trade


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Jan 17, 2010
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Last night during the State of the Union Address we heard the President lay out both the state of our union, and his plans for the coming year. A significant portion of his speech was spent on economic reforms. While some of these reforms would be beneficial others would continue decades of failed economic policies.

The President spoke about rebuilding the American infrastructure, which desperately needs to be strengthened in order to keep us competitive with countries across the world. Additionally, tax reform must be part of the plan to renew the American economy. However not only should we make our tax system competitive by reducing tax loopholes, we must also include a value-added tax to make us competitive in trade with the rest of the world.

Another part of his economic plan included a push to increase minimum wage. While higher wages help everyone, the real solution to this problem is having more, better paying jobs by restoring our manufacturing base.

The President is correct that manufacturing jobs are returning, but they are not the same jobs that left. These low skill assembling jobs are not the same as the top to bottom manufacturing that has left our shores. The vast majority of jobs created now are in the service industry, and this must change if we are to restore the American economy.

To address manufacturing, the President spoke of creating six new manufacturing hubs in the U.S. While increasing the research done in college that creates new technologies is good, we must work to guarantee that the jobs created from manufacturing these new technologies occurs in the U.S.

Under current “free trade” agreements corporations will go where the cheapest labor is, knowing they can easily import back to the U.S. with no concern for the impact on our economy, labor standards, or the environment.

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